Why Don’t I Have What I Need?

Myth; wealth will make you happy.

Reality; we need financial fluidity to move with in this reality towards freedom to fulfill our purpose.

Fulfilling our purpose meets our needs. It’s bridge time from a corrupt monetary system into one that has integrity. You doing your inner work becomes radically self responsible, live, love and the universe will gift you with creative venues to co-create abundance. When you move higher, out of the “me, me, me” greed based narcissistic, self serving, competitive construct your genius will gain traction. You will become a co creator of streams of income that reflect your ability to embody your genius.

The new births through you!

Without the flame of your soul’s presence ignited, life can be one of quiet desperation. Bringing your shadows to light and unwinding them will if you stick with it reveal immense gifts, brings forth your energetic presence so that you will have the charge and ability to make things happen.

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