Unlocking Your Genius

Most of our true gifts are wrapped in shadow-hiding, terrified to see the light of day.


Because of past trauma and the on-going threat by the dominator forces we have had to hide the brightness of our genius. Genius is the intelligence to break through the suppressive system into becoming a catalyst to awaken innovation, to remake everything in loves. The system controllers who have had their way with humanity for a very long time made sure that the bright lights were dimmed, Our souls flame have been traumatized into submission.

If you often feel what is the point, sad, alone, depressed, hopeless or just bored, frustrated, stuck lost, missing in action, not passionate or excited for long about anything you are not alone. It is time to let your Genius come out of the closet. In the inner work community here we all admit and bear witness to one another’s struggle to live a life that is real and effective in the real world. A life that feels significant alive joyous, that meets our real needs and allows free expression and our true significance to emerge. We each have a soul signature, a frequency uniquely our own. Being it, expressing it, sharing it, loving it, embodying it for the good of all it is what life is all about.

Genius re-boots when we own it. And it sure helps when we break our chains in a supportive revolution held with like minded-hearted souls.

Genius is our birthright. Creativity is our alchemy!

The way home is to free our expression- without it if we are honest with ourselves life sucks.


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