Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 11 – Going With The Flow With Jessica Mystic

In this episode Christina and Elizabeth explore going with the flow when life takes an unexpected turn and they find themselves without thier scheduled guest and without Sienna's particpation due to a poor internet connection. Jessica Mystic joins the conversation for half the show to fill in for Ralph Smart. [...]

Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 12 – Diving Deep With Ralph Smart

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth dive deep with Ralph Smart--a modern day Prophet and wayshower who has danced, dived and embraced his awakening. Ralph invites us to become lovers and artists of life. The flame of the divine masculine is alight in this creative genius, and he is shining it out to inspire each and everyone of us to dive deep into our own infinite waters, and become brilliant stars of the new era. [...]

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