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Why Don’t I Have Relationships That Really Support Me?

We all carry within our DNA the memory of our broken hearts.

The current system is set up to break our hearts and teaches us to hide our true feelings, light inspiration and love. Doing the inner work with others transparently sets us free in an environment most of us have never known. We require a space where it is safe to let our hair down and grow- to trust- a place that allows us to reclaim the loving hearts we hide. As the heart opens and expands we grow in personal power.

We attract people ready to receive. Learning to give and receive means clearing shadows being honest and being willing to be seen for who we are. We are not needy or desperate any longer because we have found our love for ourselves. We are sustainable solo.

This totally shifts our playing field.

Now your relationships can become sovereign not the arena of co-dependency. You do not feel the need to possess or own others in order to feel safe or happy. Doing the inner work is the trajectory to launch your star ship home. You re-write your broken heart sealing the door on darkness.

After that, the sky is the limit on what you can give and receive in shared sovereign relationship.



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