I Will Never Let You Down ~ By Dusty
I Rewrite The Beliefs ~ By Dusty

“Unworthy Of Unconditional Love”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings

Sienna Lea


Shadow Synthesis Student

“I have been working with ‘ I am unworthy / I have value / I am worthy of unconditional love’ and ‘I am unloveable / I am lovable’.

It is bringing up some things, emotions and thoughts, sadness, pain, anger, presence and joy and laughter. Unworthiness is my core wound, as is humanities. It is a lie that I have believed for a very long time. Maybe for some lifetimes. Unworthy of unconditional love. I can slowly feel this energy shifting within me, within my cellular memory. It’s going to take a lot more time cause this feels like a deeper tear. but the wound is where the light gets in. So I’m not worried. hehe.

I can feel the veins and nerves and cells and bones and muscles of my body aching and becoming ready for unconditional love to flow through.
Today in the session with dusty, when I was saying I am unworthy I felt like I was owning this belief fully because the vampires feed off all that is unowned. I own this. Fully. I am in the process of owning it fully. So it can neutralize and no one can feed off it.

Dusty was saying ‘my lies keep me hidden’ which was an interesting dance cause these are the beLIEfs that are keeping us hidden. Remembering and owning my/our inherent eternal ‘worth’.

This full moon is interesting and since it’s in Virgo and since I’m a Virgo, it’s taken me on an interesting roller coaster of emotions and thoughts and beingness. Being grounded and witnessing it all.

Hope ya’ll are doing good. Much love beautiful women.”

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