Lies ‘R’ Us: A House Of Cards Tumbling, Along With Our Psychological Self
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“Spiritual Ascension Is 99% Emotional Healing”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings

Sienna Lea


Shadow Synthesis Student

Wanted to share that even though I am quite deep in my shadows these days, I am also getting in touch with my emotional body on a deeper level. There are definitely more layers and energies that I need to heal and cleanse. I do have my moments of distress but I am getting better at discerning what I’m feeling on an unconscious level. I am beginning to remember my souls love and for that, I feel such joy and gratitude. I feel a lot lighter than I have felt I a long long time and let us just say I am coming back to love. Though I need to do a lot more work to heal my emotional constipation. Starting with quitting smoking as it gets me totally in my brain and away from my pelvis. Overall, after all is said and done and not said and not done, I feel grateful today. For starting to know and remember love. And I feel determined, a sense of commitment to heal my emotional body.

As Lisa Renee says spiritual ascension is 99% emotional healing and I feel I am ready for it. With emotional intelligence and our beautiful hearts and minds, AI doesn’t stand a chance at its harvesting agendas. Haha such is the beauty and intelligence of Organic Existence.

Here’s to a truthful heart centred second quarter of healing in this beautiful space of shadow synthesis. Its definitely been one hell of a ride till now. And here’s to more of letting it rip. Grateful beyond words.

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