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Unworthy Of Unconditional Love ~ By Kajal

“I Will Never Let You Down”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings



Shadow Synthesis Student

“I get really angry when I cannot sleep!
I get really angry when I do not get respected!
I do not like being this way!
I know that this is not the real me!
I want to love all of me, not just the “good”!
The “bad” is beautiful also!
What am I supposed to do?
Am I supposed to put you away in my little Shadow Box?
Am I supposed to let you grow and fester?
Will you turn into a bigger “Monster” then?
You are not a monster by any means!
You are a beautiful cocoon with a shimmering Butterfly inside!
What you need is for your story to be heard!
Let me hold you!
Let me learn from you!
You are just as important as all of the other jewels in my crown!
I will never let you down!
I will not listen to Society and keep the “Beast” locked in her cage!
I will not make beauty hide her own unique expression!
I will hold you!
I will nurture you!
Most importantly, I will love you!
I will accept you right where you are!”

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