Unworthy Of Unconditional Love ~ By Kajal
I Create With My Imagination ~ By Dusty

“I Rewrite The Beliefs”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings



Shadow Synthesis Student

“Today I worked with Kajal and Carolyn.

In my session with Kajal, I finished My lies keep me hidden and started I hate my body.

There were a lot of different feelings that I moved through as Kajal moved through 3 feeling states. I felt my negative beliefs and feelings being mirrored back at me with the lies that keep me hidden. I also felt the good things that I keep sabotaging by believing these lies about myself and my body.

I met with Carolyn and did I hate my body. She did I am unworthy. I saw myself as a kid in different scenarios where I hated my body because of the color of my leg hair. I saw how I hated my body because of my bone structure and how I would get made fun of because of my scoliosis. I saw my dad’s mom saying that she is unworthy and mirroring her low self-esteem on me like the rest of that family.

I rewrite the beliefs:
I am scared to shine in my truth/ I shine in my truth: A scenario came up where my grandmother on my mom’s side was telling me that the music I was playing at my daughter’s funeral will embarrass her and my grandpa’s reputation. I told her that I get to pick the music because it is my daughter.

I replaced I hate my body with I am Feminine Beauty.
I replaced I am not worthy with I am worthy.
I replaced I am ugly with I am beautiful.
I have been processing a lot of anger and rage organically this week by letting it arise and having love for myself exactly where I am.”

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