I Rewrite The Beliefs ~ By Dusty
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“I Create With My Imagination”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings



Shadow Synthesis Student

“My own Creation!
I create with my imagination!
There is no need to copy anyone else!
I have all that I need to create inside!
When I use my own words and my own voice I am not feeding off of anyone else!
My Creation comes from my imagination!
I create with the beauty within me!
I create with the ugliness within me!
I love them all equally!
I love my aspect family!
Each are a part of me!
Whatever comes up is what I write!
I show myself my own light!
I allow myself to feel no matter how long it takes to break through!
I love my Inner Child!
I love the Captor inside of me that wants to be loved and set free!
I show each aspect that arises love no matter how long that it takes to open up!
This is my Creation and I would not trade it for anything else!”

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