Healing Shadows – Episode 1 – Whats Shadow Got To Do With It?
The Hero’s Journey Retreat: 2019

“I Am Being Born Into Manifesting My Whole Self At Long Last!”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings

Sienna Lea


Shadow Synthesis Student

“Happy Birthday, dear, dear Sienna,

It is a privilege to be sharing this journey with such a dedicated, courageous, persevering, heart informed soul!

To have your co-creative guidance on that journey is the icing on the cake, and my wish fulfilled; I feel as if it is my birthday, too!

Through your wisdom, insights, love, and more, I am being born into manifesting my whole self at looooong last!

I keep getting the image of you as Glinda the Good Witch after the house fell on her wicked sister, beckoning the munchkins to “come out, come out, wherever you are…her spell (wicked witches) is broken.” I have definitely felt like a little munchkin hiding in the bushes!

Happy Birthday to you, Sienna, Midwife of so many that have needed a re-entry, re-alignment, re-boot strategy, support, and welcoming arms to come back home to.

Much love,

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