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Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 6 – The Feminine Rising, Are You Serious? Part 1

“Healing Is Holographic. Heal The Fractal, Heal The Whole”

Shadow Synthesis Student Writings



Writer, Souls Sistar

“Shadow Synthesis is a phenomenal avenue to reintegration. To say soul groups are gathering at this time is just touching the fringe of the vastness our collective power has to plow through the shadowland and reclaim our fragmented self through healing with boldness and courage, with grace and compassion, with determination in the face of deepest fear and broken heartedness. Re-member-ing happens here. Blind spots are mirrored, shame is shared, healing is holographic. Heal the fractal, heal the whole.

We are forged into a stronger, integrated, self, capable of embodying ever more fully our humanity and our infiniteness.

I am immeasurably enriched and grateful to share the tender and fiery work of every heart in the group, as I am affirmed by being truly seen and authentically loved. Community has emerged.

Immense gratitude and love to Sienna and Adrian for creating the space and to all involved with making Rise such a special bright spot of illumination in the ocean of change! Deepest heart love to All.”

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