Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Discussing Facing Our Shadow
I Truly Understood The Meaning Of Shadow Work And Finding The True Me

“Reconnect With Mother Earth And Heal My Wounds”

Dusty Peters has been studying Shadow Synthesis


Dusty Peters

Shadow Synthesis Student

“When I first came to Sienna I was a Mindset Coach that faked it until I made it with my healing. Everything that I thought I had healed came back around to be processed for real this time. Sienna taught me how to reconnect with Mother Earth and heal my wounds by connecting to my Greater Being from my heart.

I am no where near all the way there, but I can tell that I have made big progress in the three months that we have been working together!

By the process of facing my own shadows I no longer feel the daggers stabbing me in my heart or feel the dark cloud lingering over me constantly. I was able to make peace with the passing of my daughter after her staying here with me for 8 years after her death. I each day I feel like I am embodying more of myself in my physical body!”

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