Reconnect With Mother Earth And Heal My Wounds
I Can Stand Fiercely In The Truth

“I Truly Understood The Meaning Of Shadow Work And Finding The True Me”

Liz Rose is a graduate of Shadow Synthesis


Liz Rose

Artist, Souls Sistar

“I have been working with Sienna Lea for several years now and I can honestly say that my life has changed by leaps and bounds for the better. It wasn’t until I met Sienna and learned her teachings that I truly understood the meaning of shadow work and finding the true me.

Sienna creates a safe and caring environment where healing and discovery can take place. The tools she teaches are powerful and are workable in everyday life.

This has been very important for me because as issues/shadows arise I can effectively deal with them in a gentle, healing manner on my own. Thank you Sienna for gathering and creating methods of healing that work!”

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