I Truly Understood The Meaning Of Shadow Work And Finding The True Me
Facing And Healing These Aspects Of Myself

“I Can Stand Fiercely In The Truth”

Lauren Bradley is a graduate of Shadow Synthesis


Lauren Bradley

Fashion Designer,
Souls Sistar

“Sienna,you are such a master facilitator, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to declare my “graduation”. It is empowering to feel that the work I am doing continues to spiral me outward into more and more expression of my Truth, that are tangibly manifest! And I can stand fiercely in that Truth. Waves of contractions and expansions! I’m conscious of them all!

As I learn and complete a sacred period of subtraction/release/rooting out, and letting go, I feel a wave of honoring the MORE Frequency. My perception is being focused on MORE health, more balance, more ease, more love of self in the now.

My heart truly hopes for something to unfold.”

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