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Stealing The Moon’s Time Has Come

As Humanity stands at the threshold of an evolutionary jump, this work of creative non-fiction is more pertinent now than ever. It illustrates the responsibility we all share in reclaiming and reintegrating all of our fragmented aspects to free ourselves and the planet from the artificial construct of power and control. We encourage you to read Stealing the Moon and rediscover what lies hiding in the shadows of our individual and collective consciousness.

We sincerely hope you enjoy Stealing the Moon, and that it has an impact on your life, and the awakening of Humanity with the transforming Earth.

Revelations of The Deep Shadow Self

Around 1350 B.C., a pharaoh in Egypt called Amenhotep IV, changed his name to Akhenaten and started the world on a new course. In most history books, he is revered and credited with introducing monotheism to the human race as a giant step forward in spiritual and religious theory.

Stealing the Moon paints a very different picture of Akhenaten and his queen, Nefertiti, suggesting the “new course” Akhenaten took was the true source of the suppression and degradation of women for the last 3500 years. Based on the actual experiences of its author, Sienna Lea, and others, Stealing the Moon is called “a work of creative non-fiction, fiction based on fact.” As the author explains in the Preface, “The relationship of Nefertiti, Akhenaten, and their daughters all came through the direct experience of Aysha Love, myself, and the women, children, and men who lived and worked with Aysha…. It was a group dynamic that unearthed this hidden emotional truth of an epic still having an enormous impact on humanity today.

The focus of the book is Dr. Natalie Stearn, a frustrated psychologist who meets her own “dark side” face to face as she tries to emulate her mentor, Shemura. After one of her patients referred by Shemura sets his hands-on fire and later dies from the burns, and after Shemura’s reputation is ruined. Her funding dries up, Natalie has to acknowledge that her Deep Shadow Self is intentionally destroying the very people who love and care for her. She disappears into a New Age retreat in Arizona in an attempt to find the source of her unconscious contracts with power and finds herself transported back in time to ancient Egypt, only to discover that she and Nefertiti share a common bond of abuse and control from Akhenaten.

But, according to the author in her Preface, this will “require total personal responsibility at every level,” and “to do so, we will have to learn how to create an emotional continuity of care.” “May Stealing the Moon assist you in purging the nightmare of the Deep Shadow Self…. May it help to forge open the gates of unconscious emotional controls and free cloaked awareness. May it nourish the seeds of loving action and care within the beauty of Emotional Quantum Intelligence.

A Work of Creative Non-Fiction. Fiction Based On Fact.

This fascinating book, written by Sienna Lea, delves head first into the Deep Shadow, rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the hidden aspects of Self. It is an honest and unflinching story that chronicles Sienna’s 30-year journey, revealing the power and control our individual and collective shadow has over the planet. This is a must read for anyone willing to face the dysfunction in our lives and make the necessary changes to create a new paradigm with Mother Earth.