Are your spiritual practices catapulting
you into the life you really want?

We are being given a totally new transformational opportunity right now…

But to embody this unfolding potential we need to enter a new reality. Our spiritual practices are no longer sufficient. We are already disassociated from our embodied selves. We need to embody all of our lost soul fragments to become whole again.

If you are doing spiritual practice but are still stuck here is why…

Reaching only for light is supporting the current system of suppression. The key aspects and energetic we all carry need to be owned and healed. The charge that we need to blast through the control grid into embodied co-creation, brilliance, joy and living purpose is trapped in our collective and personal shadows. Our DNA is shrouded in shadow hiding in the traumatic memories of everything and everyone we carry within ourselves. The spiritual journey too often is a lop-sided approach doomed to miss the mark. It’s ok to keep doing them but we need to add other approaches to get the job done now. We need to synthesize light and dark in order to gain the charge to propel ourselves into the new energetic we crave. Here we support one another as we ignite our hero’s journey to completion through transforming our personal and collective underworld/shadowlands. We invest in ourselves finally and for real learning how to love and accept all that is within our coding. We find the courage to venture into the darkness and distortion blocking us from retrieving all we are.

This is a spiritual quest that brings results.

We remove the blinders and call home lovingly all our soul fragments. Only then can the true magic unfold.

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