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Have You Been Lying To Yourself About
How To Face The Real Problem?

We have become numbed from trauma and terror and we have been made to live as a culture alienated and habitually lying to ourselves. We subtly conditioned to be dishonest with ourselves due to deep buried trauma and cultural taboos against knowing who we are. We have done this in order to survive. We have all been trauma based mind controlled to disassociate from parts of ourselves crucial to remaining present in reality. Bringing these fractured aspects of yourself back through loving them allows you to come out of the trance.

When self-sabotage stops, you can become masterful in all your undertakings.

Shadow Synthesis draws your focus to these fractured selves trapped in states of anger unresolved pain with all their dysfunction. The madness of the modern psyche with its egoic inflation or deflation, moods that spin us out of control, desires that possess us and addictions that seem unstoppable all lose their virulence when you come out of denial and do the inner work for real.

You can become the masters of yourself finally!

Your shadows are ready to resynthesize into our being. In this current energetic environment the support to do shadow work is off the charts. It takes courage to muster the inner strength to bring light through the cracks. For those ready to get real with themselves the shift into a purposeful and potent life is at hand. But only if you clean up the mess within.

When you Keep reaching for the feel good practices that only bring you light, your unexamined shadows continue to kick up a rough. And whether we admit it or not we are drawing into our lives all the unowned shadows we do not transmute consciously. Our souls, source and the Planet are all ready and waiting to aid you in the process of wholeness through healing and completion.



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Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Discussing Facing Our Shadow

Sienna and Patricia discuss facing our shadow-selves, and doing our own inner work. Sienna has created a course called Shadow Synthesis, where a sacred space is held in allowing one to face their shadow and transmute this dark energy into wholeness. This is how we return to zero point and remember the Infinite Loving Beings we all are. [...]

A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic: April 1, 2017

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