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Sienna Lea is now offering individual mentor sessions. Your time with Sienna will be a non-hierarchical sharing to surface and outline the course correction that you are seeking. Sienna has 40 plus years of experience working with people from across the globe as they became aware then process through the layers of their personal and collective contracts with the shadowland.

Do not fear the shedding of out moded programs and past wounds imposed upon you. Expansion and joy await at the end of your attachment to the Matrix control grid. It can only stay stuck inside us to what is hidden and unexamined. Bottom line, darkness hides in our unexplored shadows. And the program is to keep us afraid to do our shadow diving to dis-engage.

– Sienna

Image: Skeeze

I see my role as a mid-wife holding space for you to heal and integrate your shadow gates where your soul force has been trapped, disassociated, interfered with or compromised.

You will learn the tools to yourself give birth to your true embodied organic Self.

I share wisdom, experience, techniques and transformational energetic processes accumulated over 40 years in creative potential development with an emphasis on Shadow work.

I do not take the stance of an expert who you give your power over to but rather a person, imperfect and evolving in my own right there caring and sharing by your side. I also have a talent for shadow busting, i.e. calling out what is hidden in blind spots and what needs to be faced.

The nature of our Shadow selves is that it hides in our blind spots. This is why mentorship and later group interaction are crucial and necessary for all of us. We act as loving non-judgmental mirrors to bring the unseen into the seen. No matter how well versed we are in our own shadows none of us gets the whole picture alone. That is how we were engineered. Below are further reasons mentorship and support are essential for those serious about completing their journey out of the artificial construct.

Our Vulnerabilities Include:

* Our wounded selves hide in an eternal program off mis-informed self-protection.

* Our imbalanced egos align with Team Dark to protect our woundedness from further damage. This is self-sabotaging programming we all carry and can and must be broken to move forward in any truly life affirming manner.

* We ALL have relationships with entities and interdimensional and extra-terrestrial beings that attach to our unhealed wounded shadow aspects.

* We need loving support to witness and shine a light where we are programmed to avoid and deny. Only a mid-wife/husband who has done this work within themselves is qualified to mentor you in this field.

* Aspects of our lack of belief in ourselves need illumination and the development of self-love and healthy ego skills are essential requirements to successfully call back in all soul fragments dissociated in separation. This is a new skill set and needs mentorship.

The Take Aways From Engaging In
This Healing Shared Connection Are:

* Restored Health & Energy
* Increased Confidence
* Clear Boundaries
* Able To Be Embodied & Feel
* Grounded
* Able To Release Negativity As It Arises Yourself
* Igniting Passion & Courage To Birth Love And Solution
* Clarity
* Inner Strength
* Activated Desire To Contribute
* Loving Yourself
* Knowing yourself

You Activating Your Truest Version of Self

This is all done from the perspective that you hold everything within yourself. When the blind spots are illuminated as you pass through each shadow gate you can finally, really activate yourself as the sovereign being you have always been. In order to get there from here you will pass through the knots blocking you within your psychological structure. I am calling these Soul passages Shadow gates.

Image: Adina Voicu

The Shadow Gate of Childhood’s End
Here you authentically connect with aspects of your child self that were traumatized and in need of love healing completion and re-integration.

The Shadow Gate To Empower Yourself As The True Inner Hero/Heroine You Are
Here you connect directly with your infinite self and bring back on line the values and qualities needed to fall in love with yourself and step up to your true sense of embodied purpose.

The shadow Gate To Heal Ego Distortion
Here you transmute fear based survival programs run by an ego controlled by negative forces.

The Shadow Gate To Synthesize Past Lives
Here you experience, then transmute trauma from past lives bringing home to yourself their hidden treasures.

The Shadow Gate of Healing Your Ancestors And Their Interference
You release and clear unfinished narratives from your ancestral DNA.

The Shadow Gate To Integrate Your Break Away Personalities With Their Interference
You learn to connect and heal the fractured aspects of you that has grown as distorted versions of your potential.

The Gate of Self-Love
Here you become a feeling person present and able to adapt to change through gentle loving connection with the real new you.

A Mentorship With Sienna Is For You If:

You are ready to do whatever it takes with self-responsibility towards your personal liberation.

You are prepared to encounter unseen potentials of light and dark.

Ready to discover and break all unconscious contracts with Team Dark through all life times and dimensions.

Ready to re discover your true purpose and intention for being here

Ready to take the steps to complete your journey here at this time.

Ready to break through all victim/predator programming.

Thanks for your interest in Shadow Synthesis.

I really wish to connect with you to help discover if any of the Shadow Synthesis options could meet your needs now and if so which combination of offerings would serve you the best.

Private sessions

  • Course Members $50-100 (per session) pay what you can.
  • Non Course Members $100 (per session).

I know that a lot of us are challenged financially at present and I want this work to be accessible. So if you are doing any of the coursework I offer this sliding scale.

Let me know what you are wishing. If you don’t know ask for the free chat.

I WILL respond.

With love and appreciation to you as you explore your true adventure.

~ Sienna Lea

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