Healing Is Holographic. Heal The Fractal, Heal The Whole ~ By Elz
Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 7 – The Feminine Rising, Are You Serious? Part 2
Souls Sistars Rising
A Shadow Synthesis Podcast
Ep. 6: “The Feminine Rising, Are You Serious? Part 1”

The SiSTARS break down the Women’s March and the forces that are creating the current atmosphere of division and rage. They discuss Trump, Our collective shadow, female distortion and the healing process we can engage in to transform rage into solution based action.

Image by Rex/Shutterstock

Released: February 9th 2017,

Sienna Lea,
Cynthia Aldrich,
Elz, livingdiscernment.org
Lauren Bradley, laurencbradley.com
Liz Rose, lizroseart.etsy.com
Evelyn Wolf, eveewolf.wordpress.com
Sonia Sandoval, originalhealing.se
Music “As One” by Denean, denean.com

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