Episode 2 - Sucking Moon
Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 2 – Sucking Moon
Episode 4 - Queen Bitch and King Asshole Part 1
Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 4 – Queen Bitch And King Asshole Part 1

Episode 3 - Tiptoeing in Radiance

Souls Sistars Rising
A Shadow Synthesis Podcast
Ep. 3: “Tiptoeing In Radiance”

One of our siSTARS felt the energy the Orlando Bar where 50 people were injured and 50 plus lost their lives. How do we stay sovereign and empowered in the face of this and other tragedies unfolding right now? We share how we have learned to take back our health and joy in living to stay grounded in the face of massive interference and shift.

Orlando memorial montage by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir.

Released: June 25th 2016,

Sienna Lea,
Cynthia Aldrich,
Elz, livingdiscernment.org
Lauren Bradley, laurencbradley.com
Liz Rose, lizroseart.etsy.com
Evelyn Wolf, eveewolf.wordpress.com
Sonia Sandoval, originalhealing.se
Music “As One” by Denean, denean.com

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