Episode 1 - Soul Sistars
Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 1 – Soul Sistars
Episode 3 - Tiptoeing in Radiance
Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 3 – Tiptoeing In Radiance

Episode 2 - Sucking Moon

Souls Sistars Rising
A Shadow Synthesis Podcast
Ep. 2: “Sucking Moon”

In this Episode 2 of Soul SiSTARs Rising Sienna, Lauren, Liz, Cynthia, Elz explore the mind impositions coming from our Moon. They discuss the difference between a natural women and a women who lives under the templates of distortion the Mind Matrix imposes on the feminine Spirit.

These ladies share their field of kindness transparency mutual support and truth through direct experience candidly with you, exposing levels of reality taboo to be discussed not so long ago.

Image “Sucking Moon” by Liz Rose, lizroseart.etsy.com

Released: May 21st 2016,

Sienna Lea,
Cynthia Aldrich,
Elz, livingdiscernment.org
Lauren Bradley, laurencbradley.com
Liz Rose, lizroseart.etsy.com
Evelyn Wolf, eveewolf.wordpress.com
Sonia Sandoval, originalhealing.se
Music “As One” by Denean, denean.com

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