Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 26 – Venus And Her Lover With Becca Tzigany
Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 27 – The Joy of Living From Presence With Mandi Solk
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Shadowland Voyagers Announcement

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Original Broadcast: May 17th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

These last 26 weeks have been an engaging and dynamic experience. I want to say how much I appreciate all the support and interest in the topics we have explored since airing November 11th.

As many of our shows reflect, change is upon us and I am writing to inform you that Shadowland Voyagers is undergoing a transformation.

First of all, we have moved to a new time slot on Sundays from Noon to 2:00pm PT. This allows the show to be simulcast on Unbound Radio, which is run by The Intel Hub. This is great news as it will increase listenership.

I hope the new timeslot serves you well, and as you know archives of the show are available, and on my website at

I also wish to inform you that Christina Grant and Elizabeth Hansen are resigning from Shadowland Voyagers and will not be co-hosting after June 2nd. While they remain intrinsically connected to and supportive of the mission and vision of Shadowland Voyagers, life is calling them in other directions. I have so much love and appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication these two wonderful women have demonstrated these last 6 months. I will miss them dearly.

So onwards voyagers! Let’s join together and steer this ship in the direction we wish it to go. I am considering new formats and options, and am most interested in hearing from you.

What guests you would like to hear on the show?

What topics would you like to dive into?

Would you consider sharing your journey and perspective on air?

Would you be interested in joining roundtable discussions with others who are on the path of integrating their Shadow Selves?

I will be posting new opportunities for your participation and growth on the Shadowland Forum. I am seriously open to your input. Feel free to express what’s on your mind.

So beautiful people, I intend to continue exploring how we can change the world owning one shadow at a time. The show will hold the space as long as possible for this crucial understanding to spread through the human psyche and create the shift necessary on an individual and collective level.

So stay tuned, and join the voyage every week as we to ride the waves of change together!



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