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Shadowland Voyagers:
Ep. 23: The End of Fear with Diego Fontanive & Jessica Schab

Guest: Jessica, / Diego Fontanive,
Original Broadcast: April 14th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth have a thought-provoking discussion on how to dispel fears with the daring and courageous duo from Bali: Jessica Schab and Diego Fontanive. Their refreshing perspective cuts through the hidden mechanisms we all carry, yielding a radical approach to going beyond our blindspots and belief systems to liberate our minds, and find true peace and happiness in every moment. One of our Shadowland Forum members, Sonia, joins the show to demonstrate how the End of Fear process works.

The End Of Fear Project is a global network, community and future foundation. “The basic aim is not projected toward the elimination of our fears and anxieties…instead it is focused toward the possibility to use our fears and anxieties … by shaping them into benefits for mind and soul…The path and the deal should be: get rid of our …identification in our identity (socially, intimately and perceptively).We are not our identity: we are us!”

This project (EOF orientation initiative) & foundation is founded and facilitated by Diego Kricek Fontanive, who has lived and applied all he shares in his own life since he was young, and found this process has worked on giving him inner peace no matter what has happened to him. He is a ‘fear expert’ and knows all too well how important it is to have a good relationship with our fear; it does not have to be our enemy, but our friend. Diego is a strong example of someone who knows the process inside and out, and is able to walk people through navigating themselves out of fear. Diego Kricek Fontanive has been a speaker and writer for universities on Psychology, conferences on Science of Consciousness and MindEvents in Sweden, Italy, Indonesia & India and the Department of Consciousness studies in Arizona, Tucson, USA. He has also caught the interest of many well-known psychologists who would like to implement his vision on the mental wellness board. Diego K.F. has also written a provocative book in Italian titled How to Dismantle your Stupidity. (-‘Come Smantellare La Tua Stupidita’- Eracle Ed.).

Jessica Schab, co-founder of the foundation, has a background as a speaker, life coach, counselor, healer and writer. Her focus has always been for people to be aware of the relationship they have with themselves and life in order to realize just how much truth is stranger than fiction, and how there are “no limits, just beliefs”. She know that we are infinite potential, and therefore feels the way we are living is an insult compared how we can be living, and that we owe to ourselves to explore that potential to find out what’s in the way. She asserts that in order to be free we must understand what is holding us back, rather than lending our strength to that we wish to be free from. She writes, “Life is not punishing you, but trying to help you to see the truth of yourself not the idea or interpretation of yourself.” Jessica has done many conferences and radio interviews around the world, and has written a book titled Soul Archeology. Like Diego, she has had a vision of a place where people can be themselves and no longer hide their sensitivity, and maintain their innocence and integrity. Jessica brings a fresh perspective and approach to applying and living this way of being, and has seen first hand how important it is to understand this approach to fear, and has therefore committed most her time and energy to this project.



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