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Shadowland Voyagers:
Ep. 16: Taking Responsibility With Gabriella Kortsch

Guest: Gabriella Kortsch,
Original Broadcast: February 24th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth dive into a self-empowering discussion around the information contained in Gabriella books, Rewiring the Soul (hour 1) and The Tao of Spiritual Partnerships (hour 2). The focus revolves around developing self-love and self-worth, emotional intelligence, relationship with self and others, responsibility, conscious awareness and presence.

Gabriella Kortsch received a Ph.D. in Psychology from Florida International University in Miami, Florida, where she also lectured for four years on a diversity of subjects in the psychology department. In 2003 she presented a symposium on human development at Harvard University in Boston. Gabriella is certified as a clinical hypnotherapist, and has worked with abused children for the Guardian ad Litem program with the State of Florida, as well as with at risk adolescents through the Changing Lives Program with Florida International University. She has also worked extensively with terminal AIDS and cancer patients in hospice care in Mexico, USA, and Spain as a bereavement counselor. For the past 29 years Gabriella has studied a variety of clinical therapies and alternative healing modalities. She also studied Liberal Arts at the University of Waterloo in Canada, and Sociology & Political Science at the Complutense University in Madrid. Born in Germany, raised in Canada and Switzerland, she has also lived in the USA and Mexico and Spain where she currently resides. She offers counseling services and workshops in the personal development field and also hosted a weekly radio show from 2003 to 2010 on BlogTalk Radio.

“Taking responsibility for your own happiness, your own well-being, your own feelings, your own actions, reactions, attitudes, and way of thinking, is the philosophy that lies at the core of my work.” ~Gabriella Kortsch


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