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Shadowland Voyagers:
Ep. 15: The Dark Side of Cupid With Eve Lorgen

Guest: Eve Lorgen,
Original Broadcast: February 17th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this tonge-in-cheek Valentine’s Day Special, Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth discuss Eve’s book, The Dark Side of Cupid. The conversation focuses on developing awareness in how to differentiate between authentic love connections and those that are manipulated, as well as ways in which a person is susceptible to manipulation, and healing and intervention strategies. Relationship dynamics, women’s issues, communication skills and taking responsibility in our relationships with others is also covered.

“Self-empowerment is gradually achieved with emotional intelligence and the development of empathy for ourselves first, and then for others. Our willingness and courage to step into our feelings, to experience them fully and to let them go, will lead us to healing and wholeness. Emotional integrity and awareness will protect us from psychic energy predators. There is no need to be buffeted about on an emotional roller coaster, or to be a victim of psychic vampirism or other attack.” ~Eve Lorgen

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