Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 12 – Diving Deep With Ralph Smart
Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 14 – Birthing Through The Dark Mother With Andrew Harvey
Shadowland Voyagers:
Ep. 13: Riding The Dragon

Guest: One Billion Rising,
Original Broadcast: February 3rd 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this episode Sienna, Christina and Elizabeth discuss current events and how unowned shadow aspects threaten to sabotage our liberation.

“We are meant to envision and attain the stance of mastery over turbulent happenings. We are called to tame our own inner dragons when they surface midst the upheavals in our lives.”

Except from EMOTIONS – Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain Creating Heart-Centeredness in a Turbulent World, by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.



Who’s Your Daddy?: Taking Out The A.I. Synthetic Handler


Double Down On Your Infinite Intelligence

What if we used this moment to launch A MASSIVE, non-violent yet super potent COUP for real? What if instead of sinking under the weight of the reptilian brain’s endless panic, alerting us to impending doom, we come out from behind our masks of disempowerment and end our stay at the Matrix Misery Madhouse?

Close Yet So Far Away? Is Your Shadow Blocking The Matrix Exit Door?

Are you wondering where to turn to move out of your current energetic confinement? Have you tried a zillion approaches to heal yourself but ended up blaming yourself because nothing has turned things around? Hang in there, the best is just arriving, literally.

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