The Way Of Emotional Quantum Intelligence ~ By Sharon G Mijares
Shadowland Voyagers – Episode 2 – It’s An Inside Job – Tribute To Carl Jung
Shadowland Voyagers:
Ep. 1: Launch Party – All Hearts On Deck

Guest: N/A,
Original Broadcast:
November 11th 2012, Truth Frequency Radio

In this debut episode Sienna Lea, Christina Grant and Elizabeth Hansen introduce themselves and the new show. Listeners are welcomed onboard to join in the festivities and to journey together in reclaiming all that has been lost, buried and sabotaged from our awareness.

Shadowland Voyagers is a weekly radio show that provides a platform for self empowerment and responsibility. Over the coming months we will provide an avenue for new understandings and insights for realizing wholeness and true authenticity by rediscovering, reclaiming and reintegrating the fragmented aspects of our individual and collectively held consciousness.

Humanity stands at a crossroads. We are being fervently called by Life to develop a new awareness and sensitivity to transcend the matrix of violence that has gripped the planet for thousands of years. Birthing ourselves free requires moving into our hearts and awakening Love. Exposing the deep shadow clears the runway for our liberation, and trips the switch for awakening by internal combustion. The Earth is transforming, the game is ending and a new paradigm is being created by those who have the courage to change.

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