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Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 5 – George Kavassilas – Ascension Update
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 6 – Tom Montalk – Wising Up To Alien Interference Part 1
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Shadowland Cyber Salon – George Kavassilas

Guest: George Kavassilas, iaminfinite.love
Original Broadcast:
July 19th 2013, Tele Conference

An intimate two hour conference call with Sienna Lea and George Kavassilas recorded Sunday, July 14, 2013.

We stand at the precipice after a very long and dark epoch. We find ourselves here in the beginning moments of a new opportunity to retrieve our sovereignty as well as our lost ability for true self empowerment. The Moment remains chaotic and intense for many of us. How do we integrate the tsunami of information that at times feels completely overwhelming? Many programs expose Dark side hidden agendas, secret societies and extraterrestrial manipulations, that indeed need to be exposed but leave listeners disempowered and in fear.

To address this we welcome you to participate in the Shadowland Cyber Salons following Illuminating the Shadowland each week. The Sunday Salons works synergistic with the show to focus and hold the light of consciousness up to the manipulations of on-world and off-world agendas with real tools and skills. We welcome you to this new possibility to explore, research embody and integrate!



Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Shadow Synthesis Webinar


Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Discussing Facing Our Shadow

Sienna and Patricia discuss facing our shadow-selves, and doing our own inner work. Sienna has created a course called Shadow Synthesis, where a sacred space is held in allowing one to face their shadow and transmute this dark energy into wholeness. This is how we return to zero point and remember the Infinite Loving Beings we all are. [...]
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