This Knowledge Can Add An Immeasurable New View Of This Sacred Relationship ~ By Dave Corso
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 9 – Zulma Reyo – Feminine Mysteries Part 1
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 8: Tom Montalk – Hidden Alien Influence Part 3

Guest: Tom Montalk,
Original Broadcast:
August 2nd 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

This episode Tom and Sienna continue their discussion in a 3 part series, and reveal the hidden alien interference that can be sneaking through the backdoor of your mind. They build an understanding on how even though we are told by many new age teachings that we are creating our own reality, until we are fully aware of hidden alien and demonic influences many of us remain unwitting puppets for other dimensional forces. This episode dives deeper into the covert machinations that currently maneuver

unconsciously through billions of unsuspecting souls. There are two types of alien and demonic phenomena: overt and hidden. The overt phenomena are easy to notice. They may include intimidation, harassment, paranormal phenomena, and remembered abduction experiences. These comprise the bulk of experiences you find shown in movies, books and television because they are so tangible and in-your-face. But they are just the tip of the ice berg. Often they are just bluffs or misdirections meant to distract you. Most of what negative aliens and demons actually engage in, can be described as hidden interference, which is far more serious and effective because it tries to sneak through the backdoor of your mind and exploit your weaknesses and blind spots without you noticing what’s going on.


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