Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 6 – Tom Montalk – Wising Up To Alien Interference Part 1
This Knowledge Can Add An Immeasurable New View Of This Sacred Relationship ~ By Dave Corso
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 7: Tom Montalk – Whose Hands Are On Your Steering Wheel? (Part 2)

Guest: Tom Montalk,
Original Broadcast:
July 26th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

Part 2 in a series with Tom “Montalk.” In this episode Sienna and Tom take a look at whose hands are on our steering wheel, and what we can do to take charge of our lives. Tom shares some of his alien encounters, and they break down the demiurge control grid, and how we can be recruited into serving it through our shadow selves. Methods used by alien races to enslave us are discussed and what we can do about it. Ways to discern through the Laws of Attraction are also explored, along with a path to true sovereignty.

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