Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 42 – Becca Tzigany – Unleashing Archetypal Power (Part 2)
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Souls Sistars Rising – Episode 1 – Soul Sistars
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 43: Concerned! – The Fall of 2015: Have A Plan And Be Prepared

Guest: Concerned!,
 August 27th 2015

This pod cast outlines potential Cataclysmic events that this source predicts will begin the end of September 2015 and continue through November 3-4 2015. We discuss timelines, Cern, Weapons, Asteroids, False Flags, Harp, Coastal flooding, and details of the unfolding agenda. Concerned! Outlines the roll out of events and propaganda to consolidate the Power Base of Team Dark at the expense of humanity and the loss of massive human life. Use your Discernment. Illuminating the Shadowland does not endorse or lend agreement to these claims.

Viewer discretion advised.

I am now posting a pod cast. I just recorded for you of a chat I had recently with a gentleman we are simply calling Concerned! He has talked to me extensively over the last several weeks of events that have potential to transpire this Fall. I do not like to spread Fear Porn and I ask you to use your own discernment and inner knowing always. I felt to make this Pod cast with him due to his sincere heart, sharp awareness and big Science Mind that has been connecting dots for quit sometime. I do not wish to bring upset or panic to you. None the less, It is always good in these times of Shift and Change to Be Prepared and Have a Plan. We all have Apocalypse burn-out as some of us have had the knowing big and potentially painful shifts are on our doorstep for decades. The time does seem at hand for the real deal to be unfolding this Fall and beyond. How extensive the damage will be no one knows for certain. I truly hope this pod cast turns out to not be true that the level of loss of life plays out with far less severity and the ride is way more gentle. In the meantime if a credible witness to unfolding events came into your world being a messenger and gave you a warning what would you do? Would you totally ignore it? I in good conscience could not. May I be made to look a fool by November and may we all have a heartful belly laugh on the other side. In the meantime I am inspired to make more conscious preparations.



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