Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 29 – Max Igan – Surviving The Matrix World Update (Part 1)
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 31 – Mark Passio – Keys To Unlocking Sovereignty (Part 1)
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 30: Max Igan – Surviving The Matrix World Update (Part 2)

Guest: Max Igan,
Original Broadcast:
 March 28th 2014, Truth Frequency Radio

In this 2-part series Sienna speaks with Max Igan, who is now bringing his message to the world on The People’s Voice Network created by David Icke. Max is a much respected scholar of our true history, sage and Truth Warrior — a man who is dedicating his life to educate us about the truth of our enslavement and what we can do to break free, and manifest an outcome that restores sanity to this planet.

In this episode Max updates us on a plethora of urgent topics including the current crisis in Gaza and the Ukraine and their mind blowing true hidden history. Max brings us his on the ground personal experience of what is really happening there. Truth can liberate when it leads to action. Max also shares details about his Full Circle Project, something that we can all participate in.

“I am deeply moved by the truths Max delivered in his unique calm, kind, gentle and bold manner. If truth were considered sexy (which it should be right?) I vote for Max Igan as this years Sexiest man alive!” ~Sienna

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