Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 19 – Emma Stow – Revolution of Being (Part 2 – Why Am I Feeling SO Strange?)
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 21 – New [c]Age Psyop With Cameron Day (Part 2)
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 20: New [c]Age Psyop With Cameron Day (Part 1)

Guest: Cameron Day,
Original Broadcast:
 November 8th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this 2-part series, Sienna speaks with Cameron Day, a way shower and truth warrior who clearly articulates the layers of the artificial construct, and defines how we can be the victors of our lives even when dark agendas are hurling at us from hidden realms. Cameron explains how we can access the organic light to help us navigate through these muddy waters, and reveals the true nature of the New [c]Age, Arch[on] Angels, Ascended Masters, and why he no longer calls himself a “light-worker”.

This series dives deep into the invisible forces informing governments, society and our personal capacity to manifest our true selves. Going beyond rhetoric, Cameron offers real tools to help us navigate through these muddy waters, shed the inter dimensional interference and reclaim our sovereignty.

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