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Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 16 – Giuseppe “Corvo” Platania – Alien Apocalypse (Part 2) With Eve Lorgen
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 18 – Sera Beak – Red, Hot & Holy / A Heretic’s Love Story
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 17: Emma Stow – Revolution of Being (Part 1) with George Kavassilas

Guest: Emma Stow, emmastow.com / George Kavassilas, iaminfinite.love
Original Broadcast:
 October 18th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

In this episode Sienna welcomes Emma Stow to discuss how the eclipse cycle and solar maximum impacts the revolution within our beings, and the real potential this has to shift us out of the constraints of the Dominator Culture. Emma discusses her work and her book, Revolution of Being, revealing the ways we can benefit from allowing the new templates of human freedom, sovereignty and reverence for life to blossom within us daily.

George Kavassilas makes a special appearance, and the conversation dives into a multi-layered discussion on how we can access the very real possibility of creating an entirely new paradigm of existence now. This is a intimate and personal discussion that bridges the world that is breaking apart with the world that is being born.

Also mentioned is a new interactive project that will be announced soon aimed at creating community supportive events and interactive spaces to take this process to a whole new level. Stay tuned!



Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Shadow Synthesis Webinar


Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Discussing Facing Our Shadow

Sienna and Patricia discuss facing our shadow-selves, and doing our own inner work. Sienna has created a course called Shadow Synthesis, where a sacred space is held in allowing one to face their shadow and transmute this dark energy into wholeness. This is how we return to zero point and remember the Infinite Loving Beings we all are. [...]
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