Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 14 – Christopher Loren – unSpirituality
Illuminating The Shadowland – Episode 16 – Giuseppe “Corvo” Platania – Alien Apocalypse (Part 2) With Eve Lorgen
Illuminating The Shadowland:
Ep. 15: Giuseppe “Corvo” Platania – Alien Apocalypse (Part 1) With Eve Lorgen

Guest: Giuseppe “Corvo” Platania, / Eve Lorgen,
Original Broadcast:
 October 4th 2013, Truth Frequency Radio

Part 1 of Sienna’s conversation with Giuseppe “Corvo” Platania regarding alien apocalypse with co-host Eve Lorgen. Corvo is an amazing researcher in the area of ufology, extraterrestrial encounters, abduction phenomenon, and the occult. He recently released the book Alien Apocalypse (in Italian).

Eve Lorgen is an author, researcher and consultant in Anomalous Trauma. She offers hypnotherapy, coaching and counseling services. Eve has written the books, Alien Love Bite and The Dark Side of Cupid, and has appeared several times on Illuminating the Shadowland and on Shadowland Voyagers. The key points of Alien Apocalypse discussed in this 2-part series are:

1. The influence of non-human entities is not a modern idea, but rather a curious fixation of mankind for millennia.

2. Nowadays it is manifested in the form of our “friends ET” and/or “celestial entities” like the “Holy Virgin Mary” that release ideologically consistent messages.

3. The behavior of these entities, the number of contacts and paranormal phenomena are inconsistent with extraterrestrial hypothesis.

4. The hypothesis of the origin of these other dimensional entities is supported by numerous witnesses cited in the book.

5. The existence of a multi-dimensional universe is theorized by physics with the theory or M-theory.

6. The messages of these beings relate to a series of “coming” disasters, such as “The Event”, meteors, three days of darkness, global wars, etc.

7. The mythical stories of those disasters are consistent with the narrative of the “hybrids” as the next-generation of humankind.

8. After which there will be the coming of a “millennial kingdom”.

9. The beings act like vampires. The interest of these EME’s is to establish a feeding field.

10. Human organizations in our history have tried to fight and/or establish a “devilish pact” with them.



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