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Got Your Get Out of Hell Card Ready?
Deflating The Interdimensional CIA

Sienna Lea,

November 27th 2019,

“Sienna Lea, woman author, once a psychologist in the system, now a mid-wife augmenting soul alchemy I call Shadow Synthesis to birth a New Humane reality of care and embodied conscience. I have worked for 50 years diligently engaging in New Paradigm projects and communities. Through all this, I have come to realize that to truly birth a reality of embodied love and equality we must first transmute all that would sabotage this agenda residing within each of us. I am keen to share all I know including the transformational organic process of correction given to me by phenomenal mentors and Our Sacred Mother Planet herself.

As a researcher in the inner topography of the personal and collective unconscious, it is clear that we have been interfered with right down to our DNA. At this turn in our evolutionary road, it has never been more urgent to clean ourselves of our complicity with the dark forces that have fed off our innocence and energy without our conscious consent. It is not a time for judgment of the dark ones though even if they have come here to enslave and feed off of our source-based connection. Clearly the most unsuspecting of them and us may well be ready to remit and surrender. Shadow Synthesis can work for them too as a path back to source connected life.”



Who’s Your Daddy?: Taking Out The A.I. Synthetic Handler


Double Down On Your Infinite Intelligence

What if we used this moment to launch A MASSIVE, non-violent yet super potent COUP for real? What if instead of sinking under the weight of the reptilian brain’s endless panic, alerting us to impending doom, we come out from behind our masks of disempowerment and end our stay at the Matrix Misery Madhouse?

Close Yet So Far Away? Is Your Shadow Blocking The Matrix Exit Door?

Are you wondering where to turn to move out of your current energetic confinement? Have you tried a zillion approaches to heal yourself but ended up blaming yourself because nothing has turned things around? Hang in there, the best is just arriving, literally.

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