With Laura Lee Mistycah & Sienna Lea

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Full Spectrum Restoration of Your True Multi-dimensional Self

Laura Lee Mistycah and myself, Sienna Lea are joining forces to bring you private sessions with full spectrum coverage of your psychological and Multi-dimensional self.



Laura Lee Mistycah

Laura Lee has studied and taught for decades as a ghost buster and Weird Sh*t expert bringing her brilliant skills as an “intuitive scanner” to finally uncover aspects of psychic targeting that I have never experienced with any other person I have ever met.
She has honed her intuitive skills for over 20 years of daily work surfing the worlds to retrieve soul aspects of herself and others, trapped in dimensions we have not known about. I have spent the summer working with her on my students and on myself and I am very impressed and encouraged that this collaboration will bring healing that has not been available until now.

Sienna Lea

My expertise is 50 years of life experience healing the shadow self with all its sub personalities, ego distortions and looping patterns of self-sabotage. Bringing together our cosmic magnifying glasses to focus on you will be an experience like no other.
We go where few have traveled, illuminating, the parts of you that keep you stuck, the parts that seem impossible to heal and the weirdest stuff that many would call totally crazy. We work with impossible cases every day looking with X-ray vision at the Quantum entanglement we are all wound up in. We need to go further to get this done.


New Information Is Surfacing Every Day

As the weapons being used against us shift daily we are there with the remedy. We work together and have back up teams diving deep into making visible the invisible.

Our approach will give you practical every day tools to untangle the every changing nasty web of entrapment the dark ones are sending our way.

We care and we hold a loving truth and justice based space for you to break free. Bring to us your most tangled unresolved multi-dimensional dilemmas and we will both take a deep and penetrating look into its origin and its resolution.

Here is what booking a session or a series of sessions with this Ghost Gangsta Hunter and Shadow Buster team will cover ...

We can help you surface and resolve the shadows that are interfering with your peace, joy, wealth, health and happiness.

This includes parental contracts, ancestral agreements, bleed through trauma from past lives, handlers and soul sabotaging agreements, sub personalities that are laced with interference to derail you, early childhood abuse and wounding, trauma based mind control and primal wounding from this and other time lines and parallel existences.
We look at what has been done to the authentic self that take down womb wisdom and feminine divine embodiment and the path back to uncorrupted love. We specialize in First Wave Indigos, some of the most brilliant advanced and highly targeted people on Earth.

These sessions reveal the cause behind patterns that many of us have been searching for years to resolve.

Living with Scoliosis for 16 years has been debilitating. During the Session with Sienna and Laura Lee I was able to adress the underlying causes of what was keeping me walking at a slant. It was not instant, but I was given tools to work with to help my body relearn positive muscle memory that has helped me relearn and know life beyond walking with a slant, and the excruciating pain that I lived with for my late childhood and most of my adult life this incarnation.


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(1st time clients only.)