Why Can’t I Sustain Good Feelings For Myself?

We have been programmed to not trust ourselves.

Over many time-lines we have made mistakes, hurt others and been tortured and abused. We carry shame and feelings of low self- esteem deep within us. We carry the brokenness of our ancestors and parents with their unresolved wounding making us feel not good enough as well. Each one of us holds a piece of the artificial construct inside. The control grid, the dominator culture was and still is engineered to break us, holding us down so that the predators can live off our soul force. It has been very successful for eons.

Now another possibility is on offer. We can and we need to do the clean up work to stop serving this dark agenda-personally and globally. To heal and come to peace with all we have been a part of. Our DNA is shrouded in shadow, past curses and unethical behavior that our ancestors stooped to in order to get their oppressors off their backs. As you purify those urges you become sovereign with a whole new set of possibilities suddenly available. It takes time though and support and investing in yourself finally.

If you still believe that your life is a result of what has been done to you, you have only unearthed half of the puzzle.

This world is a great mirror.

We are here to look into its reflection and find the way back home, back to ourselves. The inner work illuminates your shadowlands.

It is part of why you have returned here to complete. It is a true spiritual path that brings real spiritual light and grounds it as you embody the real you.

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