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Ramola D: Interviews With Changemakers (9): Sienna Lea, Inner Work Facilitator, Shadow Synthesist


(Workshop) Online
With Sienna Lea & Anaiis Salles
July 11th 2018,
7:30 pm Eastern


July 18th 2018,
1:30 pm Eastern


July 25th 2018,
8:30 am Eastern


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Coming out of the June 23-24 5G Call to Action Summit: Targeted Individuals & Directed Energy Weapons is this follow up workshop dedicated to all of us targeted in so many diverse ways.

  • Are you vulnerable to Electro-Magnetic frequencies filling our airways and atmosphere at present?
  • Are you dizzy?
  • Having trouble sleeping?
  • Feel tingly all over?
  • Suffer from health issues?
  • Low energy?
  • Hearing voices?
  • Ringing in your ears?
  • Feeling alone, low self-esteem, frightened to share what is happening to you?
  • Can’t stop the mind chatter of abuse?
  • Can’t make things go in a healthy way for yourself?
  • Stuck in behaviors that do not serve you?
  • Stuck in addictions that are hurting you?
  • Feeling urges to do things that would hurt yourself and others?
If Any Of These Things Resonate Then Welcome.

We are delighted to announce this new workshop with Sienna Lea, (inceptor of Shadow Synthesis) and Anaiis Salles (of

There are things you can do to shift your energetic signature out of harm’s way. We will introduce real tools to build your Immunity to Interference and Targeting at this workshop.

Sienna’s focus is giving you the tools from her Shadow Synthesis work to recover your life force trapped in fractured and disassociate shadow selves. Through exploring your inner theater of your Soul you can set your shadows free to send the interference away, regaining balance and energy.

At this 2 hour workshop, Sienna will share how through Shadow Synthesis you can unlock alchemical keys to shift your energetic agreements and bring your true essence back into your body. This allows you to function in wholeness, energetically individuated from the control grid soon to become the “kill grid“. You can bring yourself home and find the strength within to Rise above the targeting. Impossible? Ridiculous? To woo woo to be true? Come along and see for yourself. This is working for people right now. This is one of the most potent defenses we have.

In This Workshop I Will Introduce:

How your subpersonalities got created to sabotage your destiny and what you can do about it.

How interference and targeting partner up with your sub-personalities to keep you entrapped and how doing your inner work within an awakening community can be your deal breaker. Keeping us separate is their plan.

Coming out of isolation holds massive healing power as we are seen, felt, heard and received by ourselves and others doing the same. Within an awakening community of people ready to embody and face the truth you can transcend the duality dungeon and rise up into selfhood and powerful spirit embodiment.

Sienna Lea Teaching

Former psychologist, primal therapist, present author, transformational mid-wife and the Inceptor of Rise Multiversity. She has facilitated growth and healing for many people across the globe spanning decades. Read More.

Anaiis Salles Teaching

Her mission is to guide others toward discovering and living through the magnificent essence, unique meaning, and powerfully loving co-creative capacity that is each individual life. Read More.

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