A one-year comprehensive training program with certification open to students who have completed Shadow Synthesis parts 1 and 2.

This training program is for students who wish to become certified transformational catalysts using Shadow Synthesis tools and processes. It is also applicable for students that wish to facilitate more connection, communication, and source-based living. It has application for people who are awakening and who wish to co-create a purpose based on right livelihood working in new paradigm modalities with students and clients. It will also help build skills and wisdom with children, partners, parents, teachers, managers, facilitators or anyone who has blocks yet desires to live an embodied life of soul sovereignty with others.

This one-year of training will be comprised of two interlocking organic containers. The first is where the students (you) are doing the inner work on yourself in community at your own pace as well as with others in pairs. The second is full training in facilitating others to grow into their embodied soul sovereignty using the Shadow Synthesis tools and understandings.

Part 1: Tending To Your Ongoing Transformation Within

Students will meet bi-monthly on Sundays. These sessions are usually four hours long. You will receive replays from your two 4-hour monthly sessions, meditations and various support materials monthly. These sessions will be held within your core group of graduates from Shadow Synthesis Part 2.

Your two 4-hour monthly sessions will facilitate and support your ongoing transformation as you continue your personal Shadow Synthesis inner work. We shadow-dive, shadow-process and learn many varied and interlocking tools: healing shadows from the point of your entry to Earth, past lives, ancestral contracts, implant removal, interference entities and all forms of imposition are addressed. You will learn how these attach to your unconscious shadows using a number of techniques and tools and how to alchemize all of this:

• Quantum Feeling states of Animation.
• Pairing with other students on a regular basis.
• Enlightenment Intensive format to explore beliefs, habits, programs and miasmas that have been troublesome and unconscious.
• Inner dialogue to surface the Judge, the Perfectionist, the Taker and other sub-personalities. Psychodrama to resolve inner polarity.
• Hot-seat work to illuminate blind spots.
• New paradigm sharing, listening, speaking from our hearts and from our truth.
• Learning what our masks of hiding are and lovingly dropping them.
• Activating the power of self-love to integrate all aspects of our souls and other processes.
• Exercises towards living love at zero point, embodiment and wholeness.

You will also learn a series of techniques from Kryahgenetics to remove targeting and interference, protect yourself and work with tools for moment by moment multi dimensional guidance and support.

Your pairing partner is there to connect, share, empower, support and hold space for you as you do for her/him. We learn how to not fix, advise or become co-dependent on one another. Mutual support builds as trust grows, sustaining a field of love that accelerates our healing. The field we hold strengthens, supports, regenerates and activates an environment of ongoing healing that we can replicate as Catalysts for others. Healing from the 3D artificial construct of separation is best done out of separation.

Learning new ways to be present for ourselves and one another is key. We can only teach what we have become, otherwise we are disingenuous and will be asking our future students to do something that we have not really embodied. This is the old paradigm. The new paradigm is embodied in truth, living in integrity, walking our talk and helping others to become coherent by example.

Part 2: Training To Become A Transformational Catalyst

When the student (you) is ready you can venture onwards to the next step – Training to become a Transformational Catalyst for others. Here you are welcome to learn by working on each other in your existing container or by witnessing others as they move through beginning levels with SS1 and SS2.

You will receive learning modules delivered monthly and the opportunity to apprentice in the following forms and venues.

Levels of Participation

Stage 1
Students may sit in as they learn how to be a zero point compassionate witness for others. Over the year you will have many opportunities to hold space for new students as they go through SS1 and SS2. You will learn how to open your wisdom to share and pierce through blind spots.

You will:

  • Study how to help new students get unstuck, to discover missing elements so that they can synthesize and go deeper towards ultimately holding zero point and sustaining wholeness as their way of being present in their lives on-going.
  • Honoring yourself and going at your own pace is key.
  • Be encouraged to open and allow your own unique purpose, talents and potentials to emerge.
  • Gain confidence and support moving organically into your own unique mode of helping students using all the Shadow Synthesis tools.
  • Be given constructive feedback to comprehend and accept your own strengths and weaknesses and to hone in on the audience you may wish to serve in future.

We will hold a playful explorative research container to help you unravel how to best serve others and what creative venue suits your own flow. You can feel free to come as often as you wish or are able.

Stage 2
When you are ready (this will be mutually determined by the student and Sienna Lea) you will share more of your insights and wisdom to facilitate. At this stage you may run a meditation or an exercise yourself while Sienna and the other students hold space and witness. This allows a potent arena for positive feedback through sharing what we see in one another and ourselves. You will learn how to cultivate truth, trust and transparency with others. When these seeds sprout, major transformation unfolds.

Stage 3
At this stage, you will be supported and given tools, feedback and mentorship to help you focus on marketing promotion tools. This will include but not be limited to:

  • Identifying your niche.
  • Learning how to funnel your students into deeper engagement.
  • Stepping out to speak live and on podcasts and radio shows.
  • Networking effectively.
  • Holding live events.

We will focus on anchored action steps that are doable daily. We will learn how to co-create with our Mother Planet, Source and Meta-Self every step of the way. Again, we will use grounded baby steps as we push limits, learn and excavate our inner potential. You will be supported every step of the way to bring your soul’s purpose into concrete co-creation.


  1. A view of Wholeness, Co-creation, and the 3D Matrix of Separation.
  2. Gaia’s Correction.
  3. Source Connection.
  4. What is the Self.
  5. What is shadow, what shadows do people carry?
  6. Mapping the hero’s journey out of soul enslavement.
  7. Understanding the creation of ego and its interference, overlays and imposition.
  8. The nature and structure of ego.
  9. How to unwind the ego.
  10. How to help people face the unfaceable
  11. How to deal with ego resistance.
  12. Early Childhood: The vector point of all ego overlays- entrance into the artificial construct.
  13. How children get fractured and delivered into the artificial construct by parents, teachers, priests and all external authority.
  14. Piercing the secrets held in the broken heart.
  15. Unmasking the cover personalities that shield the vulnerable heart.
  16. Primal release and bodywork to open the armoring and other tools to break through.
  17. How to hold space for your students as they excavate their vital Unconscious elements.
  18. How to help them synthesize back into their core self.
  19. Understanding the nature of trauma-based mind/heart control.
  20. Soul Sovereignty, what is it really?
  21. How shadow hides and how to bring shadows out in the open gracefully.
  22. Opening the feeling channels.
  23. Quantum feeling states of animation: How they work, how to unwind the psychological self-feeling state by feeling state.
  24. The steps people must take in order to heal their multidimensional shadow selves.
  25. Building truth, trust and transparency with the group.
  26. Coming from an authentic soul embodiment as a facilitator.
  27. Boundaries, grounding and ways not to take on your client’s stuff.
  28. What to do when you hit the walls of resistance.
  29. What to do when you have been inaccurate or inappropriate.
  30. Deep listening.
  31. Holding Zero point.
  32. Understanding and catalyzing owning blind spots
  33. Tools of inquiry to understand the client’s psychological wounds, core beliefs, ego structure, blind spots, contracts, interference, and resistance.