(Course Curriculum)

By Invitation only.

Prerequisite a series of private sessions in Shadow Synthesis.

In response to the current global situation we all face I am offering Shadow Synthesis in a new form. The Intention is to cover all the bases with one accessible price :
Powerful tools to extract yourself from the Matrix Control Grid with all of it’s A.I. impositions and psychological distortions.

  • Two Monthly Group Meetings:
    In this group we meet and engage in many different processes to remove negative charge emotions thoughts implants entities and more. We surface aspects of self, discover hidden shadows and use the group support to launch us higher deeper and further towards embodying our authentic Core Essence and fulfilling why we came here. Everyone currently doing this work opens gradually over time developing trust and connections.
  • Ongoing Pairing Session For Support:
    as you process clear heal and balance. You receive a small intimate community of people dedicated to excavating the shadows that bind them to the Control grid. You have a family of deep divers by your side as much or as little as you like.
  • Inner Work Community Forum:
    As you open, remember, heal, reveal and expand it’s a gift to have others navigating this very same territory. Not to compete or compare but to support and begin to trust in ones true nature and powers.
  • Private session with Sienna Lea discounted to $100 $120.
  • Access to Sienna Lea for clarification questions and support on going.


I do require a six month commitment in writing to participate in Shadow Synthesis II Endgame. This is because a drop in group that re populates too much makes it very challenging to build trust and intimacy. I keep these groups small to let you Rise and shine and not feel overwhelmed.

But I lost my job!!!

Ok so here we are in de construction and most of us do not know what is next. If you really want to go for it but that price point needs some wiggle room please just contact me and let me know what you can do. This is an urgent time and I am doing all I can to be here with all the blessings I have been given over so many decades. Sometimes these approaches and loving and conscious support through the shadow lands is the difference between being trapped and setting yourself free. Its choice point now and no one does this for us. The line in the Sand is the one you draw with your willingness to face truth and to embody love wholeness and gentle kindness along with fierce tough love.

Oh and yes you will receive as a free gift my entire Shadow Synthesis 1 On line course and a copy of my book Stealing the Moon a Woman’s Quest to heal the Shadow Self.

Where To Begin?

Book and introductory session or the 30 minute free chat.


I look forward to Connecting With love in this time of momentous Shift.


Co-Creator of Rise Multiversity
 & Shadow Synthesis