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Helping individuals fix the unfixable has been the theme of my life and work for years and this summer new tools have emerged that I am very excited to share. Recent developments have shifted this work exponentially. Shadow work is a double edged sword. Every tool seems to have a down side, so does shadow work. I have been working diligently researching why so many sincere shadow divers keep looping endlessly, and I can truthfully say new perspectives are now emerging to help us finally break our stay at the inner work prison of endless self-introspection.

What controls us hidden in our Shadowlands has to be made conscious if we are going to Rise beyond the effects of our trauma based mind control and PTSD. Warning!!! Our shadows can tie us to the endless re cycling of limiting behaviors and outcomes. Our triggers can keep us reacting to the present as though it were the past ad nauseam , and our bodies and altered egos are not prepared to abandon all this easily. There’s the rub!!

If you are still reading this you might be looping no matter how hard your try to stop, stuck experiencing behaviors that take you down the same dang black hole over and over again. Yuk! Who wants to spend their precious life looping in feeling worthless, depression anxiety, fearful without confidence unable to stay centered within your true self in a restful and calm heart core that is activated. Who wants to wake up every day hoping to be positive and pro active to find its groundhog day yet again- same sh*t new day. Why would we keep doing this to ourselves? Who does this serve? As we answer those questions we realize that it is not us that is for sure.

If you have been working on yourself using a number of approaches for a long time you know the drill. You get excited that this workshop, this teacher, this break through new technique is going to do it for you and, well, most do bring some positive result, for a time. But then a month or two later. we are back in nowhere land as the nowhere lady or man again looking for why we still feel stuck. I hear this a lot from new students-the ones whose overall inner landscape is still strewn with feeling bad a lot, living in scarcity, lack, loss, limitation, disconnection discomfort and frustration. The silent scream that has no voice and no audience needs voice then understanding and healing. Watching Shadow synthesis students move beyond all this finally is a wonder and honor to behold.





When we really feel bad about ourselves we are sitting ducks for being used. Shadow work can bring a liberation as we release the inner primal scream we so deeply need to own and move beyond. Until we own it and come to peace with it the shame and guilt we all carry and the fear that keeps us in the inner jail of our own lonely world dominates unconsciously from our Shadows. When we are running away from half of us our gears get jammed. Although the path to freedom must integrate dark and light owning the darkness we carry can be frightening . We all are programmed to believe that the depth of the pain carry is just feel too much. That is a lie, we can wisely gently and lovingly come to know our selves and the truth of what we have endured. We can feel ourselves and it is a wonderful and liberating return home. If we run from it it grows into a big beast that dominates our behaviors without our even knowing. This work is a safe haven for you to finally face the beast own it then tame that beast, befriend it learn its strengths and release its entanglements. We need to enter not run from the bears cave, learn not to fear our shadow self and get to the bottom of our screw ups then finally truly get over it and move on. But we must understand this creature that we have spent a life hiding from, so that we become its master not the other way around. And we need to deal with the fact that this beast is, well, us and is being used by devious creepy predators who push us around from invisible realms with our tacit consent. Shadow and interference are tied at the hip and they must be untangled consciously for the looping to quit.

Its not just us and its not just them that is the problem! We are faced with being entangled within a web that traps us then allows us to be harvested, much of this process we sense but it remains invisible. We will be loopers until we untangle this string of interlocking curses from within our own multi-dimensional psyches. Shadow Synthesis has been designed to specifically help you accomplish this.

Our bodies and egos have been wounded through years of attack breeding the re cycling of trauma loops embedding distortion into us over and over and over again. In Shadow Synthesis we look beyond the obvious into what keeps us tied to our looping shadows. To gain entrance into the answers we seek we need to slow down come into embodiment and go at the speed of life. First we need to feel and know our soulful selves. We need to break through our defenses and armor and contact what lives behind our walls of self-protection.l With love and gratitude we need to learn how to love ourselves and appreciate ourselves for all we have survived. Coming home to our selves is a Sacred act that heals centers calms and allows for our balanced authentic aspects to anchor into our bodies. When we can hold center then we become capable of being the s/heroes we truly can be. In Shadow Synthesis we learn how to become our own private detective finding the keys of freedom hidden in our shadow selves.

Did you know for example a very well kept secret that we have all made forced agreements with our controllers to get into this place in the first place? Forced agreements that demand we never become a threat to the control grid -that we never embody our truth or our super powers. Yes we need to unearth these agreements and get free from them. There were consequenes in our lives that keep us looping in shadow. Until we break these forced agreements we are going to remain in the loopers club no matter what super slick techniques to shift pain we may be using. The good news is we can and we are breaking these agreements in Shadow Synthesis through our collaboration with Kryahgenetics.

Finding mentors who understand the interlocking relationship of shadow interfernce and forced agreements can be the deal breaker. We need mentors and eventually community to help us focus and hold space for ourselves because our bodies and emotional selves are booby trapped to re cycle us and lock us down into the web of the Matrix control grid in ways that we cannot perceive at first. Breaking these programs is super tricky, a Multi-dimensional tight rope act, a Soul retrieval rescue mission in the midst of a Cosmic Battlefield. Most of us coming into this work to help rescue and restore truth and justice from within were permissioned with just enough rope to hang ourselves, Spirit traps abound in invisible inner realms and even after we leave the body we can get trapped. Most of the traps are hiding in plan sight The dark lord and lady controllers of the Matrix are nasty heartless evil doers but we have to give the devil his due, they are very clever engineers of torture. They love living on the energy of our pain and suffering. It takes a Multi-dimensional Sherlock Holmes to find the codes they have ingeniously put in place and then unlock the many layers of entrapment holding us in cycles of discomfort. It takes Source connection and a highly advanced intuitive capacity and big help from Home. In Shadow Synthesis we are all growing in these capacities. The growth is remarkable.

Psychological shadow work can't get the job done all on its own. We have to take the blinders off finally and see how our pain and negativity are actual commodities traded on the evil exchange of the corrupt controllers. Our pain is soul loosh and they feed on it because they have broken their Source connection. It is keeping them alive and this whole dastardly dark circus spinning. We are big business to our controllers. Its time we wise up get the big picture and break out of of the clever soul traps they have set for us. It can be done! It is being done! It needs to be done. We are doing it here.

If you are brave enough to step out of line and de construct your inner prison, free yourself from the interference that amplifies your habitual non-productive patterning, embody your uncorrupted Sovereign self and level up into who you came here to be then you might seriously consider putting your toe in the Shadow Synthesis waters.



The Quantum Feeling States of Animation

... To carefully and gently surface the contents of your feeling self and subconscious. The intent here is to process shadows without becoming overwhelmed with pain and suffering. These amazing exercises are dearly loved by my students because they allow for the surfacing and sharing of deep shadows in a gentle unfolding that brings you out of being a slave to your unowned shadows. These exercises done alone or in pairs allow you to master your emotional triggers so that finally you are no longer looping in self-sabotaging behaviors and miserable states of being.


... We will utiilze the tools and techniques found in the work of Laura Lee Mistycah employing Magick to free yourself from curses and many, many forms of manipulation used by the Matrix controllers to keep you trapped. These methods can help you to remove all sorts of A. I. And sinister overlays on your organic design, including the removal of your Astral Body.

Shadow Synthesis

... Here you will feast on a smorgasboard of the many approaches I have discovered over four decades primal, voice dialog, enlightenment intensives and more. Each approach will help you find refreshing ways to face your shadows and bring all parts of your being into wholeness resolution and loving Synthesis.



You will for starters not be put into a box or made to see the world my way. I am here to get where you are coming from and from my guidance and directly from your higher self with all my tools and techniques I have gathered over 40 years we determine what best serves you now. Holding a neutral compassionate space for you to open and emerge within is paramount. Out of this process trust is build, gradually and when you feel safe enough the contents of your shadows and your concerns flow up to the surface. The journey unfolds organically. It takes courage to voyage into your shadow selves and it takes guts to call out BS with love and understanding.

I have been an intuitive for many years. My super powers are expanding daily alongside my students. I bring myself and my team of Sourced-based guidance to you. Together with you and your greater being we unlock the key shadows you carry and support you as you reboot your being, to restore your soul's purpose and your divine blueprint.

No two people are alike. You will receive specific self-help tools and techniques that resonate with your organic design to maximize results. We will map out and clear a path of freedom for you by looking at the multi-dimensional shadows you carry. We will help you release the interference hitting. These attacks on your being amplify and implement the Curses, Magic, Attachments, Sub-personalities Ancestral curses and contracts, child hood trauma, past life Quantum entanglement, parallel lives, time line manipulation, parental cords, ego distortion, off world manipulation and more.

Again, Shadow Synthesis via a 5 Private Session minimum commitment unite psychological shadow revealing with clearing the massive interference we are being bombarded with through invisible realms. I will offer advanced and effective tools leaving you to discern from within what is right for you. All these techniques are self-help tools you can learn then use on your own, with your family, animals and all you love who are open to it.




Shadow Synthesis Part I is an “At Your Own Pace” course that will give you the depth of understanding to address your shadow with knowledge and wisdom. It is comprised of six sessions that include video presentations explaining the shadows we all carry, how they came to be and what you can do to transform them now and move beyond. Once you register for this course you will also have access to a host of addendum’s with exercises and support materials.

You will be given 6 sessions revealing how shadow moves within your life on multi-dimensional levels. You will have a library of supportive materials exploring shadow created by some of the most brilliant and perceptive experts in shadow work. You will have beginning exercises that you can do in the mirror to begin moving out of stuckness into connected flow immediately. Each session explores a crucial aspect of shadow.
Session 1
So tell me what shadows live inside of me and how do I experience their truth and help them heal?
Session 2
How do I heal the shadows of my childhood that are informing all my incapacities?
Session 3
How do I embark on my Hero/Heroines Journey to slay the false self and what exactly is the way I reclaim my divine inheritance?
Session 4
What’s the real story on my Ego? Is it tied to inter dimensional interference that makes me dinner for the dark side? How do I end this imposition? How do I contact my past lives and heal their trauma and interference?
Session 5
How do my ancestor’s unresolved narratives inform my DNA and how can I end this shadow distortion?
Session 6
How do I contact my breakaway personalities and bring them home to myself? How can I really activate self-love without lying to myself?
Shadow Synthesis Part I will help you understand the nature of humanities shadows and how you can now become the master of your own shadows, transmuting their negative aspects, integrating their amazing energy and their hidden treasures. It breaks down how Synthesizing your shadows leads to organic embodiment and a rebirth of your core coherent Authentic SELF.

My intention is to help you become crystal clear as to just how shadow operates and how the many shadows you carry have come to “over-shadow” your true heart’s intentions; also, how shadow sabotage keeps you in loops that do not serve you and how to break free. I have compiled all this composite wisdom over decades of assisting others and doing the inner work myself so that I can now reveal the secrets hidden in your shadow lands, as you are ready to move beyond. The intention again is to shine a light on the tangled web within us, so that we can now set ourselves free.

• The full written text and the recordings of all 6 audio/video presentations sessions.

• 7 addendums explaining: How to do the “Quantum Feeling States of Animation” alone in the mirror. These help you connect, surface and transform your shadows.

• How to do the “Enlightenment Pairing Exercises” to explore and broaden your understanding of shadow transformation and the nature of who you truly are.

• An extensive library of Rise Multiversity webinars, podcasts, radio interviews, websites and related videos by cutting edge researchers expanding on all the topics covered. These break down inter dimensional interference and the best detailed information on shadow. Also, alternative interpretations of the nature of our psyches and what is really going on beyond what we have been told.

• Stealing The Moon eBook, included.