Are You Hearing The Call?

Is it your time finally?

Are you ready to put yourself center stage in the Alchemical theater of your own soul’s metamorphosis?

What would your life feel like if you were to truly embody the soulful self you came here to be?

Are you done, done, done with a life of stress, scarcity, frustration and limitation?

The most miraculous journey we can take now is to do our shadow work and Rise together. It is the medicine to heal the madness exploding all around us and inside of us. Are you willing to know how powerful you truly are?

That you hold the force within you to birth solution for yourself and all humanity?

Are you hearing the call to excavate your fears and feelings of insecurity inadequacy and lack?

In separation we have learned to compete and to trust few. The healing comes as we come out of our lone wolf caves of isolation and join with others to find the collective and personal power to break the chains. Out of our dedication to ourselves and through holding neutral, loving space with each other we anchor in our sweet spot where we each magnetize our dreams into reality.

The Invitation

Together in a supportive group of dedicated souls we work together to excavate truth and find our unique gifts clearing our individual shadows – reclaiming our freedom and sovereignty. We bring ourselves forth into a new paradigm as we gather all of our fragments and disassociated aspects traumatized and hidden. We hold non-judgmental compassionate zero point space for one another as we take the voyage into our personal and collective Shadow lands.

We are programmed to fear and avoid our shadows.

As our world spirals into increasing chaos and division, we see our personal and collective shadows being projected outside ourselves onto the world stage. Each one of us who does the inner work withdraws our energetic support to maintain oppression and the parasitic artificial construct of cruelty. By doing this work, we take our energy back and become masters of our own Destiny. We no longer fuel the shadow projection epidemic running rampant breading hatred, war and violence. As you step up to do this, you lift the heavy weight of massive distortion for the whole collective — and liberate yourself to chart your own individual course from here on.

Do you want to be a force for positive change in your world?

Doing the inner work is possibly the biggest gift you can give yourself, your loved ones, and humanity right now. Each person who wakes up and takes his/her energy back from the dark construct of domination and control re-sets a new possibility in the collective imagination for all. Remaining as we are is our energetic vote to keep this toxic system in place. There are no accidents.

If you are reading this now you are being called to this opportunity to shift within — and without.

Imagine your life as pure possibility and think about what that looks like as it is possible now more than ever before.

There has never been a more urgent time to do your inner work. Here, through this course and inner work community, you will have the rare opportunity to transform your shadow with others of like mind/heart by your side.

What Students Are Saying

Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

I hear it all the time..

I have done every process out there. They work for a time then I am right back to where I started.”

Or, “I have followed a strict spiritual path for years and I am getting that if I am really honest nothing has really shifted.”

Or, “If you stare too long at the darkness you sink into a black hole.”

Or, “I just want to focus and make my life work without all that endless process shit.”

Woman Earth Fire Ice
Image: Zabani

Ready To Get Real?

Humanity is at a critical juncture and it is getting more polarized and crazy by the minute. Shadow projection is viral. The light of our souls now more than ever before is calling us home to do the inner work to liberate our authentic being with its genius and gifts. But too often screaming louder is our resistance our compulsion to escape to be safe to hide our true hearts souls and talents away. Self-destruction posing as Self-preservation has ruled the human race for eons and until we do the alchemy to transform our shadows we are slaves of these voices and motivators.

We long for more light, love, joy, abundance and safety and we can have it. Our Mother Planet a consciousness in her own right is on the rise ready to co-create with us lives brimming with love, minds open to endless possibility and moment by moment realities of unfolding delicious existence where our needs get met finally. But there is a cleanup job to do before we re-enter the garden. She waits are you feeling her call?T

Are You Ready To Take The Adventure Of All Lifetimes?

To become the master/mistress of your own destiny for real? It has never been easier in the current energetic environment. It is on offer waiting for us to feel it and follow our souls home. To live as the embodied solutionaries we are in potential. The liberators the enlightened warriors alleviate the nightmare in small and large acts of love and care. We have all been robbed of the ability to feel and express our truth. Robbed of the pleasure and revelation to satiate our beings by living truth. Robbed of our potency to be effective change agents. As we excavate our shadows we return to our authentic embodied selves. We feel reborn. It is a meal fit for the true divine beings we actually are, just waiting for you to say YES.

Is It Possible To…

Transcend your fears, overcome limiting beliefs, live in honesty and integrity with your heart and soul?

Find your passion?

Unleash your energy and finally have all the pieces line up within yourself to create the life you truly wish to be living?


I am delighted to offer to you Shadow Synthesis – my new course based on
50 years of research and engagement with hundreds of people doing inner work.

Why Shadow Synthesis Now?

Shadow Synthesis will help you discover for yourself the keys to empower yourself so that you finally can:

  • End the stranglehold of fear.
  • Live, create and relate, no longer bound by old narratives from past traumas that have been sabotaging your sincerest efforts.
  • Find the energetic keys within yourself to unlock your confidence, power and organic self.
  • Live from zero point – the point of Self creation — outside of reactivity, old wounds and interference of the artificial construct.
  • Love, embrace and activate the true YOU.
  • Put an end to limiting beliefs that have ruled your outcomes.
  • Free your organic inner authority to engage in sustainable collaboration and partnership.
  • Ignite the courage to live your soul’s divine purpose.
  • Heal the root cause of the core illnesses that have held you down.
  • Purify, transcend and birth your true Self.
  • Become the light and unique love you are, to inspire and heal all you touch and connect with.

You Hold All The Essential Keys…

…to fulfill your own unique Sovereign purpose right now within your potential. It is all inside of you. All that is needed is to connect with your inner self, clear your contracts and distortions and re-integrate your fractured aspects that are disassociated and carry interference. You can free yourself of all the stuck and blocked energetics you carry that diminish your effectiveness to Rise and create what you came here to do and be.

Shadow Synthesis will not impose a template on top of you, but rather hold a mirror up to assist you as you choose to set yourself free from the internalized conditioning and programs that keep you small and stuck.

Shadow Synthesis is the fruit of my labor over 50 years in transformational psychology; informed by a myriad of schools, techniques, mentors and wisdom keepers. My sole intent is to act as a wise and seasoned guide.

So why do you even need a guide? It is because our shadows hide in our blind spots. That is how they have managed to stay in charge for so very long. We all need mirrors.

Shadow Synthesis is a learning adventure we each engage in alone with a difference. We do the work ourselves while learning to hold space for others doing the same in partnership and in community. We became wounded and many of us have become lone wolves licking our wounds in dark caves of separation. That served us and there need be no blame or shame. Now in community we can make a new choice to come out of this prison and heal together. This is our organic design.

How Is Shadow Synthesis Structured?

Shadow Synthesis Part I is an “At Your Own Pace” course that will give you the depth of understanding to address your shadow with knowledge and wisdom. It is comprised of six sessions that include video presentations explaining the shadows we all carry, how they came to be and what you can do to transform them now and move beyond. Once you register for this course you will also have access to a host of addendum’s with exercises and support materials.

You will be given 6 sessions revealing how shadow moves within your life on multi-dimensional levels. You will have a library of supportive materials exploring shadow created by some of the most brilliant and perceptive experts in shadow work. You will have beginning exercises that you can do in the mirror to begin moving out of stuckness into connected flow immediately. Each session explores a crucial aspect of shadow.

Session 1

So tell me what shadows live inside of me and how do I experience their truth and help them heal?

Image: rustymermaid
Session 2

How do I heal the shadows of my childhood that are informing all my incapacities?

Image: Kat Jayne
Session 3

How do I embark on my Hero/Heroines Journey to slay the false self and what exactly is the way I reclaim my divine inheritance?

Image: kellepics
Session 4

What’s the real story on my Ego? Is it tied to inter dimensional interference that makes me dinner for the dark side? How do I end this imposition? How do I contact my past lives and heal their trauma and interference?

Session 5

How do my ancestor’s unresolved narratives inform my DNA and how can I end this shadow distortion?

Image: kellepics
Session 6

How do I contact my breakaway personalities and bring them home to myself? How can I really activate self-love without lying to myself?

Shadow Synthesis Part I will help you understand the nature of humanities shadows and how you can now become the master of your own shadows, transmuting their negative aspects, integrating their amazing energy and their hidden treasures. It breaks down how Synthesizing your shadows leads to organic embodiment and a rebirth of your core coherent Authentic SELF.

My intention is to help you become crystal clear as to just how shadow operates and how the many shadows you carry have come to “over-shadow” your true heart’s intentions; also, how shadow sabotage keeps you in loops that do not serve you and how to break free. I have compiled all this composite wisdom over decades of assisting others and doing the inner work myself so that I can now reveal the secrets hidden in your shadow lands, as you are ready to move beyond. The intention again is to shine a light on the tangled web within us, so that we can now set ourselves free.

We are in it now.

Truly we have entered a momentous time on Planet Earth and beyond. By investing in yourself through doing your inner work now, you assert that you are ready to take a look at entering the Magic Theatre of your own Soul’s metamorphosis for the good of yourself and all you love and contribute to in this life. The process of Shadow Synthesis is an organic process of correction gifted to us by life.

So What Is The Structure?

Once you have digested Shadow Synthesis Part I you will have the option to join Shadow Synthesis Part II. This includes 6 weeks of shadow diving. It easily takes that long to get anywhere for real. You will also have the option to take private sessions with me (priced on a sliding scale). During this 6 week period you will be gifted from the depths of your own being with the insights and transformational breakthroughs you need to reclaim explore transmute and alchemize the blocks to you living the life you came here to create. In Shadow Synthesis Part 2 we meet twice a month diving into the nuts and bolts of shadow work because it takes an energetic investment of resource time and presence to break through. We will support one another as we move out of limiting behaviors and habits into the ever-expanding dynamic flow of who each of us truly is.

I Am Ready To Go For It!


What Methods & Healing Modalities
Will You Have On Access?

Shadow Synthesis was given to me by life itself through direct experience with many teachers over many decades. It has revealed itself as an organic voyage into self-individuated rebirth- out of the Artificial control grid we live within. It is a joyous awe inspiring step by step process that allows us to shed the layers of distortion and regain our humanity and step into self-mastery. It is a growthful sharing that nourishes us to take charge of our own destinies. It is a self-initiated inner sourcing that moves us out of the mind matrix into our embodied knowing. It is a container that holds us so that we can thaw and warm to our true heart’s intelligence. It is Life reaching out to us gifting back our natural path of correction and self-healing. It is being inspired to make the choice to engage in the process of regenerating our humanity. It is the anti-dote to the programs and effects of the Transhuman and A. I. agendas of trauma based mind control.

Shadow Synthesis builds a momentum of authentic energy from within to bust through the imposition. It offers processes support and understanding to break out of the jail we find ourselves within. It is for those who recognize that the jailer is largely inside us. And we have the authority to shift that reality all by ourselves with a little help from our friends.

What Will Each Round Of Shadow Synthesis Include?

Each Round of Shadow Synthesis Will Give You The Tools To:

* Step by step reclaim your soul force back in the company of others doing the same.

* Be supported and support others as you and the group drop the false impositions and identities of the Matrix control grid.

* Voyage into authentic engagement with your soul.

* Process alone and/or or in pairs the contents of your own unconscious.

* Learn to Express and embody your authentic self freely over time.

* Identify and move out of being dictated by voices, feelings and beliefs that are not yours and do not serve you.

* Move out of being sabotaged by disassociated aspects of you into true soul expression that is satisfying and life affirming.

* Break your contracts Team Dark-Discover your contracts with organic life.

* Hone the skill of self-love and appreciation.

* Find reconciliation and release from unresolved issues and relationships.

* Uncover and resolve your entrainment to the not self.

* Discover how freeing your stuck places actually helps frees the Planet and creates holes of illumination in the collective mind for others to transcend the control grid.

* Re-write the script that has been sabotaging your outcomes.

The Quantum Feeling States of Animation
Opening the feeling channels is urgent as they have been forced to shut down in this dominator culture. These self-help exercises allow you to go at your own pace while making it safe and exciting to move from victimhood into self-mastery of your emotional self. Health is often greatly improved as feelings flow.

Enlightenment Intensive Pairing
Allowing us to hold space in pairs for deep exploration of our underlying beliefs, thoughts, actions and reactions that keep us small and trapped. Here we partner as good listeners without judgment or advise to be there for one another as we release limiting patterns that actually run us. Being heard allows us to heal what we have held onto that is blocking our way without our conscious permission.

Voice Dialogue
We experience, own and integrate the break-away personalities and ego states that have been formed out of lack, abuse and wounding right down our family line and often back into other lifetimes.

Building Healthy Ego’s
That allow us to manifest our real soulful force. We shatter the myth that ego is the enemy and develop our egos so that we can be action warriors and artists of our embodied truth.

Releasing Interference Entities, Demonic Aspects And More
Often our patterns are so fueled by interference that we have to release their charge to take back our lives. Interference is multi dimensional and is contractually attached to our break away aspects. We need to connect with these soul aspects bring them lovingly home and release the interference that is living in us, as us.

Primal Release
Releasing primal wounding. Feelings have been made bad and wrong in our upbringing. We have huge unexpressed charge in our deep feeling selves that beg for expression. Primal addresses core wounds usually from childhood that have junked our lives in the background. Once this is allowed expression we can move on. There is a time to kick and scream and cry from the depths of our pain without being told to drop our story and get over it. Given that time and space we naturally do get over it and are able to move beyond, if that is truly our intention. We can release these wounds from past lives, ancestors and other time-lines as well. Bringing it all back home is the journey of Shadow Synthesis.

Righting Our Lives
We have the capacity to introduce new healthy time-lines into our inner selves. We re-write where we junked our lives allowing our destiny’s ship to correct course and move into a whole other point of engagement-our positive organic timeline. We excavate our positive contracts and discover how we can honor them in joy and gratitude.

Re-programming Habits of Self-Sabotage
Once the charge has been removed from our past and all the characters are present and accounted for we can reinforce our passage by developing and learning how to strengthen new habits of being and manifestation. Doing this in respectful and attentive community is a rich and rewarding experience.

Who Can I Trust With My Soul Growth?

Veiled Vestal
Image: Veiled Vestal by Raffaele Monti (1818-1881)

We have been raised in a culture that demanded we shut up and do as we were told. Most of us succumbed and gave up on authentic expression and just followed the party line to survive. Usually that train wreck was before the age of 5. Most counselors will take you as far as they have gone. Whatever unowned shadows they are hiding will block them from allowing your full sovereignty to emerge. No matter how good they talk about it that is the bottom line. Being sovereign means no longer under anyone’s agenda or control. Shadow Synthesis is dedicated to allowing YOU to emerge without being manipulated. And that is the hardest gift to deliver of them all, because we all carry shadows of control.

Mentor and student need to simply get out of the way and let it happen. No one owns the rights on this process. It is not a secret given by experts. It is mid-wifed one person to the next if we understand how to hold space and engage so that it can unfold.

As the producer of Shadow Synthesis I have had to own my own shadows and peel the layers back over my lifetime. Doing this work keeps me vigilant and growing as a person who has come to honor the organic design inherent in us all. I offer what I see and feel as a “try it on if it fits” process. My focus is on holding a neutral space for you to do your own exploration. I do have an excellent BS detector and I will tell it like it is. That really comes in handy as shadow is the master of BS and we are all BS’ing ourselves that is why we are still dominated by unconscious shadows. So often we work and work and work but never get the breakthrough our souls require. A facilitator can only take you through to the point they have faced. The conditioning to hide shadow is epidemic even in counselors. I am a work in progress to be sure. I invite honest feedback person to person. We all need mirrors.

Shadow Synthesis is presented within an inner work community container. We meet in small groups and we connect in-between sessions in pairs to keep processing and growing. We hold each other in compassion and acceptance.

We also hold each other accountable. Big help!!

Is this another co-dependent trap? No.

We need to not become dependent on one another but we need a non-toxic environment to re-surface. Our wounds will not budge if our environment demands we remain hidden. We can learn how to be non-intrusive yet compassionately accountable and present with ourselves and one another as a discipline. Keeping it real energizes us to move beyond. It is a beautiful journey of self-reclamation we can show up for making a huge difference in each other’s lives. There is a reason “the powers” think they still can still keep us in separation.

It is because together we can heal and make the necessary course corrections. Once your discernment ie. Bull shit monitor is reactivated look out world!!!


Can you imagine joining the experiment of freeing yourself with a supportive group of like-minded/hearted truth seekers who are done being fodder for the vampires that have locked us down for eons?

It is a remarkable time to gather with those like yourself who are ready to explore with respect and sensitivity their many conflicting sub-personalities, and limiting beliefs, whatever still ties us to this state of oppression. It has been such a rich and totally mind-blowing (in the true sense of the word) ride to experience this with our current groups. We have laughed, cried and been amazed daily by the miracle unfolding within each of us.

Current students are discovering that doing this re-integrative Shadow Synthesis process in a non-dual sharing environment of real mutual support is carrying us beyond what we could do on our own or even one on one with a therapist.

No Fear

Is it your time now to step into an inner work community of courageous warriors ready to move beyond our boxes of imposed limitation?

We who have gone through this portal invite you to step in. Do not fear the shedding of outmoded programs and past wounds imposed upon you. Expansion and joy await at the end of your complicity to go along with the current system/artificial control grid. It can only stay stuck inside of you to what is hidden and unexamined.

Bottom line darkness hides in our unexplored shadows and the program is to keep us afraid to do our shadow diving, to escape and dis-engage.

Shadow Synthesis Part 1
At Your Own Pace
(Course Curriculum)

The full written text and the recordings of all 6 audio/video presentations sessions.
7 addendums explaining:

How to do the “Quantum Feeling States of Animation” alone in the mirror. These help you connect, surface and transform your shadows.

How to do the “Enlightenment Pairing Exercises” to explore and broaden your understanding of shadow transformation and the nature of who you truly are.

An extensive library of Rise Multiversity webinars, podcasts, radio interviews, websites and related videos by cutting edge researchers expanding on all the topics covered. These break down inter dimensional interference and the best detailed information on shadow. Also alternative interpretations of the nature of our psyches and what is really going on beyond what we have been told.
A Private Session with Sienna is included.

Is Shadow Synthesis For You?

Thanks for your interest in Shadow Synthesis. I really wish to connect with you to help discover if any of the Shadow Synthesis options could meet your needs now and if so which combination of offerings would serve you the best.

To that end, I am offering a free private chat to connect and explore. This will not be a private session where we will deal directly with you and the shadows you are ready to explore and transmute via processing or depth. It will be briefly focused on clarifying course material and how your needs can best be met.

In love and appreciation


Co-Creator of Rise Multiversity
 & Shadow Synthesis

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