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~ Shadow Synthesis Part I ~

Here is a quick review of what this course contains.

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• 6 audio/video presentations exploring in depth the shadows we all carry.

• The full transcript of all 6 video presentations.

• An extensive library of Rise Multiversity’s webinars, podcasts, radio interviews, websites, and related videos by cutting-edge researchers, way showers and mentors. This material is stellar, breakthrough material breaking down inter-dimensional interference and other cutting-edge detailed information on how we are being made to recycle our shadows and our core wounds in endless loops of repetition and what we can do to reverse this imposition. This Library covers alternative interpretations on the true nature of our psyches and what is really going on beyond what we have been told about ourselves and how psychology really works.

• Exercises and videos for each of the 6 presentations. These bring clarity to each session and get you started immediately connecting, surfacing and transforming your shadows.

Free 30 Minute Private Chat With Sienna

If you would like a private 30 minute chat with Sienna Lea to discuss which option would serve you. In this time you and her will discover which form of participation would serve you best right now.

It’s Easy Just Pick Which Option Serves You Best


Option 1:

Moving Through Shadow Synthesis 1 At Your Own Pace

If at first, you would prefer to start on your own and at your own pace great! Here is your point of entry. I understand that you may not be ready to share your shadow aspects of self with others at this point in your life. Or perhaps showing up live simply does not work with your schedule at present. That’s fine. If this changes you can move into a group at some future point. No problem. This material will give you deep insights into what shadow is, how it impacts your life, and the bigger picture of how it fits into humanities urgent need for metamorphosis.


Option 2:

A 6 Week Experience Within A Supportive Group

We have found that working in this supportive group setting with others awakening is a superb way to excavate your energy out of stuckness and gain real momentum. Making the choice to embody truth, build, trust, and become transparent with others doing the same has a huge potency to support you coming out of this construct of separation exponentially. Here we choose to come out of separation and go against the current programming that we must hide our pain and shadows in shame and guilt.

Wow, that’s a deal breaker!

We have the potential to be a huge help to one another as we chose to set ourselves free. It really works and is a beautiful sacred experience. When you make the commitment to break the unconscious contracts you unleash energy and organic life force/charge to accelerate your path of purpose. We learn from one another and find our humanity again as we are allowed to share this profound and intimate healing process within our inner work community. We have found that those stepping up to this level of radical self-responsibility are shifting the paradigm for the collective.


Option 3:

Private Sessions

If you feel you would prefer the attention and private connection to do your shadow work you are free to do so. To be honest I have to recommend you schedule a series of them, 3 minimum. Shadow work cannot be realized without a commitment to yourself that is consistent over a period of time. It took a lifetime or shall we say lifetimes to amass the shadows we carry. To be kind and gentle releasing them it takes a dedicated series of sessions to move all the layers of shadow embedded in our unconscious and subconscious. Often participants schedule private sessions spontaneously as an add-on to either Part I or Part II. Totally up to you. So then you can add on private sessions with either option.

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Next Group Starts April 2018 / "At Your Own Paace" Available Any Time