Thanks for your interest in Shadow Synthesis. I really wish to connect with you to help discover if any of the Shadow Synthesis options could meet your needs now and if so which combination of offerings would serve you the best.

/ To that end, I am offering a free private chat 15-30 minutes to connect and explore. /

This will not be a private session where we will deal directly with you and the shadows you are ready to explore and transmute via processing or depth. It will be briefly focused on clarifying course material and how your needs can best be met.

If you prefer a private session to dive more deeply in order to sort out your next steps that’s fine. Just specify and let me know.

Please fill out the contact form below and let me know if you would like the free private 15-minute chat or a private session.

I WILL respond.

With love and appreciation to you as you explore your true adventure.

~ Sienna Lea

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