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Why Aren’t I Breaking Through ?

If you’re still stuck it’s because something is stuck within you and to you can’t find what it is. No external person, opportunity, resource or event is going to be IT for you. Shifting frequency is yours to do. When you do it you become the love you seek outside. As you embody love you draw love to yourself. You will fulfill yourself by serving yourself while serving others. If you are shrouded in dense unprocessed pain and unresolved narratives from your past that is what you are now attracting. People and events enter your life reflecting what your soul needs to heal.

At this point in the grand evolution of our galaxy the deck is stacked finally totally in your favor. For eons of time humanity has been in a struggle for survival. We carry within us the memory of that long trek with all its pain promise and manipulation. Our ancestors gave their lives for us to have this opportunity. Choice point is within your grasp. You can break through as you chose to end it within.

It is yours to alchemize finally right now.

To become potent, effective, focused and truly alive you will need to unwind the pain body of your past and the past of your ancestors. Stepping powerfully into the now fresh on fire with your loving hearts on-line is within your reach. When you do the shadow work you will be able to attract others and bring your radiance as a catalyst into their lives. If you do the inner work to synthesize all the gifts and wisdom hidden under your shadows we rise into birthing what some call the New human. Once cleared of the past encrypted in our DNA you can create the new and become solutionaires. If not we remain the victim of generations of unprocessed pain unconsciously.

Choice point.

What are you going to do?



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