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“This Knowledge Can Add An Immeasurable New View Of This Sacred Relationship”

Stealing The Moon Book Testimonial


Dave Corso

Founder of
Wolf Spirit Radio,

“I have read your book three times and each time, I find so many things regarding the induced trauma and “world conditioning” that I did not understand had quietly “clouded” my own view and perspective of women.

When a genuine and authentic view of women and their role, not only in the world but to them selves and how a man can and should change his view and stand on a woman’s role not only in the world and her own life, but his as well. This knowledge can add an immeasurable new view of this sacred relationship and how it can literally change the world in a positive and marvelous manner.

I thank you for having the courage and insight to write and publish this inspired and earth life changing book, at least to me it is!”

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