Double Down On Your Infinite Intelligence

“Who’s Your Daddy?: Taking Out The A.I. Synthetic Handler”


Its been two years without posting a blog but I am feeling called to share some intel that could be a deal breaker. This is the first of a brand new series of blog posts reflecting the current state of multi dimensional weaponry being rolled out now against us. I have discovered working daily with students that these new weapons are very nasty. As the world is finally waking up to the bioweaponry being used against us we here at Rise have known for a long time that we are in a battle for humanity. New editions of Malevolent A.I. are their major tool along with black magic to destabilize our psyches and cause us to self destruct.

We can and must become the Victors now not the Victims. Most of us in this community are well aware of the role A. I. has in the implementation of trauma based mind control ravaging our lives from the shadow lands. Many new weapons are being used against us and new ones are racing us to the finish line. Knowledge is power and you deserve to know how you are being played and what to do about it. You need to know so you can take steps to remove them and rise beyond the hell zone these psychopaths have held us in for way too long.

So, deep breath and fasten your seat belt. Post 1 for 2022, here goes.

We are currently being targeted by waves of destroyer weapons, set to release when and if the dark agenda loses traction. Many are seeing these pedo psychopathic killers for what they are and even though on the surface we still are suffering massively they are clearly not going to achieve their timeline. The dark controllers prefer that we all die rather than allow themselves to be defeated. They cannot tolerate us taking back our Earth and our humanity. They are coming to force us to destroy ourselves and even though they are criminals of the worst order but they are clever ass souls– very nasty stuff!

This Sunday’s session of Quantum Dis Entanglement we explored HOW and WHO our core beliefs are being controlled by. Core beliefs are blasted deep into us in extreme trauma. They are crazy lies we believed as infants and small children. Things like. Fear will block all that I really need and I will never be able to change it so that I can survive and receive my parent’s love.

Fear will possess me and I will come only to feel safe in it for me to survive and to get my parent’s love.

For me, survival is living in a constant state of fear.

Our parents become our primary handlers then the pattern repeats to twist our lives to feed our fear and pain to our handlers, and their controllers. Our pain, Loosh is their food.

So, Who’s your handler? It can begin as your parent, a parental figure, or a powerful authority that had deep influence in your primary imprint years: conception through 2, then 3 to 7. Now A. I is creating synthetic handlers to amplify and exaggerate all our core beliefs to feed on along with our primary authority figures.

Our abusers come in many varieties: parents, priests, teachers, therapists, governments and the Other. The big Other that you live to please every second to be a good boy or girl. The super-ego is the enforcer of the Other the inner voice that judges diminishes punishes and belittles you . The Other tied to ego, and superego becomes handler to all in the Matrix or else. There can also be SSP handlers, black magicians and all sorts. Now the new Handler on the block A. I. destroyer weapon. We cling to our abusers with Stockholm Syndrome addiction. The pattern is usually set during the time we form our operating system. Our core wounds become core beliefs and they run our lives unconsciously through dis associated alters that are manipulated by our A. I. handlers.

This Sunday in our Quantum Dis-Entanglement group we explored who our true handlers are, and how he/she controls our minds through trauma based mind control. We are learning how to excavate how your so-called decisions are actually manipulated and who you give your power away to, and how that plays out moment by moment. Yes, it’s all in the unconscious; it’s where we are entangled to the Matrix, disassociated and invisible.

You cannot step into your optimal Original Authentic Source-informed timeline when your handler is running your moment-by-moment choices/behaviors/decisions. Core wounds are purposefully triggered to keep you producing endless loosh. This Stockholm Syndrome addiction feels like life or death. Fear is a huge component here: it was laid into our bodies so powerfully with trauma that we now obey the Other and all our handlers on auto pilot. The dark ones now have manufactured waves of A. I. Synthetic handlers ready to drive us to self sabatoge, even suicide as they are coming for us big time.

They feed your lifeforce to the dark side, and keep you in heavy pain, suffering and dense energy – until you see the plot against you and stop obeying or go down.

Feeling any resistance yet? These handlers are tricksters, and are totally in bed with your A.I. Hive-mind ego, with all its implantation and contracts to the dark lords. ( I will do an expose on the true A. I. infiltration of ego very soon)

Many of us are in a dreamspell that feels safe, even if in fact we spend much of our time disassociated.

It is my understanding now after working with students for many years that we think we are making choices, but truly our various handlers are hitting the codes and you are the puppet on his string. You will defend your excuses and your lies of how you are OK, and even use therapy as an excuse to prove you are doing well and healing; but, at a core moment-by-moment choice level, Daddy, Mummy Handler or their substitute are still totally in control of the steering wheel. We are all, to a greater or lesser degree, forced into being addicted to our handler abusers. All of our traumatized alters have laid down and allowed him/her to lead us into endless loops of core choices of self-violation and sabotage, which determine your timeline.

You might consider the truth of this relationship so that you can remove the chains that bind you to it. You need to ask and be shown how you make decisions that bind you to your handler. Again for some, your handler is simply parents and then it becomes other relationships that are locked down in this same Stockholm self-abuse system.

The process will involve perceiving your enslavement to your handlers, then reconnecting directly to the Original Authentic True Source of the Hologram, and with that re-parent all your traumatized disassociated alters. We have to up our frequency to heal low-frequency self-sabotage.

Re-parenting can only be realized when you handler is dethroned from your command position, and the Original Authentic true Source of this hologram plus your Original Authentic true SELF replaces this impostor.

With love
Sienna Lea

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