Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Activism: An Interview With Sienna Lea And Alfred Lambremont Webre
I Love My Cage

“What Will It Take?”

I talk to people every week who are living in families with children that are out of control; filled with demons raging in reactivity; targeted, violent, suicidal. The darkness is exploding in our faces, and we are feeling weak from all the poison. Many of you are writing to me expressing how at-the-end-of-the-rope you are.

‘They’ have strategically turned us into weak, toxic, sick, vulnerable targets. A generation of consumers desiring instant gratification; unconsciously seeking daily numbing with our cellphones, devices, drugs, and other addictions. There is an excellent shift upon us; our oppressors know it, and they are stepping up their weaponry. We know it too, but if only we could access its magic.

How do we break the self-sabotaging cycles of repetitive depletion tying us to this beast system? That is the question.

There is a war for our DNA: the lies and toxicity of this world corrupt us at a DNA level, but this can be reversed. We can win this war if we explore, expand, and peel back the layers of toxicity and lies we have ingested.

We are at critical mass: the optimal time to alchemize all levels of toxic imposition we each hold in our bodies and souls. We have a deep inner wisdom that needs activating now. We can move into a frequency range that allows a transition from the old world to the new.

Massive breakthrough is reaching out to us now, but why can’t we access its potency?

We are falling in love with our technology globally, but we cannot fathom that it is more and more becoming the weapon that targets the weakness we have spawned.

Survival of the caring is at hand.

But we have options if we are willing to take risks and get honest with ourselves. Those who face the truth squarely on will be the future of this world.

Real Solutions

My heart goes out to each of you/us. We know we are infinite, cosmic, divine beings; but our vast potential will not amount to much if we don’t get real with the situation we are in and take action on our behalf.

We cannot do this as keyboard warriors or passive observers. If we seek true knowledge of what has been done to us and what we can do to Rise, we can still break free, know the truth, and heal. The window remains open, for now.

Doing The Inner Work To Break Free

Coming home to ourselves and finding our way through the dark maze back to zero-point – selfhood – requires one last action-packed ride through your shadowlands. We, as a culture, avoid it like the plague, but now it is the medicine we need most to reclaim and rekindle our Source spark, to burn up the distortions that have become our dysfunctional operating system.

Synthesizing the shadows we carry is a spiritual path and perhaps the sanest, most effective one we can take at this moment if we lose the fear about going within.
We need courage, community, self-empowering tools, people who care, time, consistency, and perseverance. This is not a fast-food drive-thru. It is a lifetime quantum jump into a whole other reality that allows your joy, bliss, and creative potential to Rise.

One of my students, who will, of course, remain nameless, is rising slowly amidst abuse on every front. For so long, she permitted it all unconsciously, out of self-loathing. Now, after months in our group, she is finding peace, enlightened perception, and self-love. She is taking a giant step away from low self-esteem and can be love and presence more and more each day.

It IS shifting the dynamic of her family madhouse. Beaming love not blame; acceptance, not judgment; wholeness not duality perception; and creating peace, not conflict. She is, after so many attempts, finally coming online as the person she has longed to be. It has not been a ‘walk in the park,’ and as she breaks free, the inference gets pissed and is triggered. Multi-dimensional awareness allows her to remove her unconscious contracts and interference while strengthening her organic connection to self-source and planet. Surprise, surprise; it works if you do the work.

Those who do the inner work will become the lighthouses in this growing storm. Those who do not will be the collateral damage of a nasty regime on its way to extinction.

When contracts are not motivating us with our destroyers, we can align with the upgrades to our DNA on offer from Gaia. Only those who purify, synthesize, and Rise will emerge as the future of love, care, and embodied truth. Everything else is getting taken out.

Are you ready to do the inner work?

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