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Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Activism: An Interview With Sienna Lea And Alfred Lambremont Webre

“Transforming The Fierce Feminine Shadow As An Act Of Sacred Global Alchemy”

“The Dalai Lama has said that it is Western women who will save our world. That may be the case, but not until we face and transmute our personal and collective Fierce Feminine shadow.”

How Did The Feminine Turn Fierce?

Women have a powerful psychic/emotional, spiritual divine force; our heart soul essence has vast untapped potential to lead. We give birth and foster life, which has kept our ability to connect and nurture alive. Women are deeply tied to nature and all organic life. Allowed to express our inner wisdom, we offer a solution. Our solutions have not gained traction for thousands of years. We have had to hide and follow the orders of our controllers or perish. Our wisdom is being called out now as it is based on an energetic partnership with Gaia, our Mother Planet. In its original, pure, love-based form, our Feminine energy seeks to create, nurture, and protect life. However, our feminine energy has become distorted through millenniums of suppression, abuse, and Patriarchal domination. Due to all of this trauma and pain, the Feminine has an aspect that has become wrathful, hateful, and destructive. This distorted feminine energy is our Fierce Feminine shadow, and it needs to be processed and transformed, or else the Dark Queen will harness it to her ends.

Who Is The Dark Queen And What Makes Women Vulnerable To Do Her Bidding?

Fourteen years ago, when the first edition of this book was published, I did not grasp the power of the Dark Queen; I mainly focused on the Patriarchy. My mistake. There is a piece missing, a big piece, and I need to set the record straight.

It has been a well-kept secret that, at the top of the Patriarchal hierarchy, it is not a male that sits on the throne, but a female: the Dark Queen. It was all laid down long ago: men were to lead, but behind the veil, the spiteful, jealous, all-consuming Dark Queen would rule over them.

For generations, she has been permitting men to suppress women and live off their trapped energy as fuel, all the way back to ancient Egypt. As she is not Source-based, due to choices that broke her connection with life, we are the only source of energy she has. The Fierce Feminine shadow, all of the women’s unprocessed rage and wounding, fuels the power-mad queen and her men.

For countless generations, there has been a holocaust against women, the Feminine, and our Mother Planet. The Feminine has been targeted, then forced to obey or be severely punished; many deeply spiritual healers have been murdered in this process. Our deep wounding from all these experiences has made us vulnerable to enormous rage. This ferocity leaves us open for being manipulated by the Dark Queen, the feminine controller who I am also calling, ‘Queen Bitch.‘

The Dark Queen’s plan

Queen Bitch plans to manipulate our Fierce Feminine shadow to bring men down, by making them impotent and redundant, and then she is moving to put her women in full-spectrum dominance. She wants women motivated by hate to rise, cloaked in the re-invention of a women’s movement that espouses peace, freedom, and equality for women. She slithers beneath the surface, activating unconscious wounding, pushing us to complete the full take-down of men and each other while harnessing our best conscious intentions. Don’t get me wrong; women MUST and are speaking up about the abuse, especially sexual abuse, now more than ever. This is a good thing and needs to happen. However, the dark side is masterful at pushing our buttons using the old but effective, “divide and conquer” strategy. It is happening now massively worldwide. If we use our discernment and do not let the unprocessed rage and pain to push us covertly in the wrong direction, we have an opportunity as never before.

The Dark Queen also seeks to block us from moving higher into the Sacred Union of the Genders. The union of Divine Masculine and Feminine is the alchemical mix that will propel us out of the construct. Aligning with our Planetary Mother’s awakening and correction, Sacred Union is key. Queen Bitch is on the warpath to never let it happen. She wants to keep the genders in conflict because the pain created from this ongoing war is a grand buffet for the Dark Queen and the Construct Controllers.

The Dark Queen’s plan is now rolling out, and we are predominantly, once again, being played because we feel in our guts that it is women’s time to lead. And it is, but we need to wake up. Women will be taking the lead, in the next round, one way or another; but will it be as the dominators of men, or in loving co-creation with them?

Rise of ‘The Matriarchy

It appears that the male paradigm of domination is breaking down: none of the systems work; it is in slow-motion collapse. But the Dark Queen and her minion Controllers are not prepared to give up their stranglehold on us just yet, no way!

Women have been starved of power for a long time, and power-starved people have a tough time not wanting power, even if it stinks with criminality and corruption. The Controllers intend for this power-deprivation and all our Feminine wounding to be their last-ditch hope for us to erupt in distortion so their brand of Matriarchy can rule the next generation. “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned,” and the Controllers know it! They have been strategically engineering this next step as their “ace in the hole” for a long time.

The Controllers intend to lock us down for good under the fist of unconsciously motivated, wrathful women and the men who are addicted to their grasp. As women are lifted into positions of power, we must transmute our pain from eons of suppression. If we do not, we’ll be ruled by the Fierce Feminine shadow and be playing right into their hands. Their Matriarchy of shadow-ruled women will be crueller than what we have previously endured under the Patriarchy. The oppressed become more ferocious than their oppressors, look at history. Unless we transmute our feminine shadow, our actions will inevitably reflect our wounding, making us more shutdown and heartless than our oppressors. This is the hidden agenda moving into place right now. On the surface, it looks like we are exposing the underbelly of the Patriarchy with paedophilia rings being uncovered, Hollywood abusers being jailed, and the likes. This is a fantastic development as so many innocent women and children have been violated, but keep your eyes wide open. Let us not be duped, yet again, and succumb to their bait-and-switch tactics.

Calling Out The Fierce Feminine Shadow

Our feminine shadow is disowned and denied. It is incredibly politically incorrect to call out women. How can we make such accusations against half of humanity? The half that has been suppressed and forced to support the agendas of power and domination or be severely punished or even killed? We can because we must. The Fierce Feminine shadow is a force we must face and alchemize; otherwise, we are just pawns in the hands of the power-mad, yet again.

Will we find the courage and humility to own it from within? Or will we demand justice from outside ourselves only, projecting our shadows onto those who have enslaved and tortured us; making us focus on exposing them and taking them down without owning the part we carry within? I am not saying that standing up to demand justice is a bad thing. We must also do this. It is a necessary and urgent step, but it cannot take the place of owning our feminine rage, reactivity, deep terror, and massive hurt. After ages of being victims, we are sitting ducks to become the next predators. It has been building for a long, long time. It is at our doorstep.

To lead the shift to a better future, we must face our feminine shadow. How did women, the mothers of men, permit male genital mutilation (circumcision), and other practices that cut men off from the sensations that could keep them connected to organic life? Many mothers have spoiled their sons with a false sense of entitlement, breeding generations of men that treat women as second-class citizens. The Macho meme is alive and well, certainly not in every case. Still, millions of men right now are being shut down from feeling, leaving them no option but to live between ego inflation and deflation at the expense of their families. Their ego-driven behaviours are too often self-serving; they are also often insensitive peacocks strutting around; dumbed-down, asleep workers in a system that only uses them. They get thrown the bone of delusion that they are running the show, when, in fact, the Dark Queen is “laughing all the way to the bank,”; victorious from behind the scenes.

Owning Our Part In It All

While there has been a holocaust against the Feminine, we have also contributed to maintaining our enslavement.

The large proportion of women are still playing it safe: living out agreements with the Controllers that we do not even know we have made. Unconsciously, many women abdicate their power, living out the roles that are on offer, in silent complicity. As long as we continue in this fashion, we have zero authentic power available to co-create our own destiny.

We have also become dutiful masochists, hiding our sadistic side. Women have covertly run a lot of the show, but we had to be smart and look like we were not in charge. As men became more and more neutered, women made sure that men’s egos were tended to so that they did not catch wind of the manoeuvre. Mystification has been used as the tool; lies posing as truth. Men had to be strong and powerful at work to support the family. Men have been encouraged and programmed to work and work and work. Women kept their mouths shut and used covert means to survive and lead stealthily; most of this was done unconsciously. This dynamic cut us all off from real connection and any way to get our authentic needs met, and all this just created more frustration to harvest. Brilliant indeed! But it’s time we woke up! It’s time we stopped living out the prime directive of hatred; being held with the iron fist of Queen Bitch. It is time to take her off her throne. Yes, there need to be more women leading, and they need to be leading from their wholeness with love, care, and deep responsibility for life.

Female wounding and their subsequent hatred are also sabotaging child-rearing: not giving our babies the love and tenderness required to shift this tsunami of generational abuse. It is now running rampant; a wildfire out of control. How can we still permit our children to go to schools that are indoctrination tanks filled with lies? How can we allow them to be vaccinated with fluids that have toxic substances which can damage their minds and bodies for a lifetime? How can we let them be saturated by EMF bombardment when there is detailed research such saturation is creating a plethora of dysfunction and DNA breakdown? We need to snap out of it.

Additionally, men have been strategically neutered for a good while. Many wounded men live in unconscious insecurity, terrified and ashamed to be men – more than most will admit. We have attacked their sensitivity and robbed them of the ability to create a shared connection. Men have been mind/heart-controlled via trauma too. As a result, men generally cannot feel their emotions to respond to the needs of the people closest to them, by design. This creates the loop of women finding men emotionally unavailable, fuelling their pain, loss, and abandonment. This leads to deep pain covered by massive rage. The imposition has not just wounded women; it has confused, dis-empowered, neutered, and created terror in both sexes and their children.

I know all this is beyond unfathomable and obscene to realize and own, but it is true and needs to be faced. Please consider what I am saying. All of the women’s unprocessed rage and wounding fuels the Dark Queen and her minions, and keeps us caught in their artificial construct of separation, conflict, and suffering. Our redemption is to call it, feel it, own it, and finally set ourselves free to be the loving, dynamic, fully-empowered people we truly are.

What Path Will We Choose?

A significant shift is needed. We feel it, we sense it, we hope for it. Yet, no matter what we do, it always seems just out of reach. On a global level, suffering, fear, scarcity, lack, abuse, neglect, and misery still mostly rule. We are carrying within us the frequencies of our global enslavement; it vibrates in our very DNA. Memories of trauma through ancestral lines, archetypal inheritance, and the ongoing assaults push and pulse from within, triggering core wounds and beliefs held within our unconscious/subconscious minds. But we also have our infinite Source flame, passionately leading us out of all this. The impulse to live true to organic life is alive within us, even now. It can and will find a way if we clear the shadows that block that flame from growing brighter.

We are needed right now, so urgently, to grow, heal, and mature into divine wisdom keepers who can be compassionate facilitators and help hold space for reconciliation and healing. Men need to be loved and encouraged to discover their manliness, re-defining, and re-purposing it in their sovereign re-alignment. Polarity is not serving anyone: it is only creating more war, division, mistrust, and separation by design. Pointing our fingers at one another only delays the healing process. But without the healing journey to alchemize the eons of suffering we carry, how can we act from wholeness or neutrality? It is impossible.

Women give birth; we are the psychic ground out of which humanity grows. Our wrath is the inverted power of our tender love. Our unprocessed pain bleeds into every relationship, and our unexamined shadows are now being called to run the world. Will we play out the Dark Queen’s agenda? Or will we choose to co-create a path that truly honors all organic life?

Our pure Feminine energy is needed to ignite profound responsibility for change on all levels. It is a fountain of infinite fire; a catalyst for truth. It holds the real power to call out evil on all levels; to stand firm and say, “NO MORE!” It has the strength to stand up and stand for, and not back down. This is what is needed now, not frightened women hiding behind unconscious motivations. For us women to fulfil our place as global leaders and solutionaries, we must alchemize our history. The Fierce Feminine shadow alchemized, will provide stamina, endurance, real power, and longevity to sustain actions based on real, organic life-promoting solutions. The Feminine can save us, but only if we clear its distortions and heal the pain from our past. It is our choice. What future will you choose to co-create?


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