Innerstellar Cosmic Conversations – Discussing Facing Our Shadow
Do You Long To Be A Solutionary For Your Own Life For Humanity And For Our Mother Planet?

“The Beauty of Soul Resolution Through Doing Your Shadow Work May You Find Your Way Into The Life You Wish To Live This Autumn”

Hola, Sienna lea here.

I am sitting at my desk on a blustery Scottish day warm and cozy within looking out my rainy window. After many years of engaging in our Shadow work community, I am finding so much peace and grounded joy even as the wind blows, and the Seagulls fly looking for a warmer spot to nest. Amid cold and blustering times when so much is swirling around us, it is the deepest blessing to find home within one’s self. Embodied and certain, no longer a victim of fears and insecurities, no longer rattled like the window sills with each blast of the changing climate. It has been the Shadow Synthesis inner work and community and the Rise Multiversity Mentors and dear hearts that have been my support in this growing global storm. We are taking back our shadow projections lessening the collective upset, and we are being gifted massively for doing so. I am so grateful to offer this haven to you.

My wish for you now is that all your soul fragments find their way home. May you be supported to open your self-love, finally igniting the wisdom from within yourself. May you make the choice to give safety to the many little ones within you longing to heal despite chilling winds. May you learn how to find and transform your shadow parts that keep you unstable, insecure in fear, and inertia. May you find the courage to do the inner work so that you too can Rise weathering any storm.

I invite you to consider joining me to do the inner work through Shadow Synthesis Part I beginning this October 29th. The course will give you real tools to bring peace and harmony to heal old wounds, beliefs, entities, archons, and shadows. Your unresolved narratives no longer need to be impacting your choices. Please consider that now could be your time to steady your destiny ship, anchor your purpose deeply within your heart, and become the solutionary of your life.

We are dedicated to creating the tools and containers to support you in this work.

Explore this opportunity.

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